Performer JEWEL

Do You – Jewel

The cowboys tip their hats and say “how’s it goin’, ma’am?” But you’re never quite clear If their glares are sincere Or really only just second hand To you

O Little Town Of Bethlehem – Jewel

How still we see thee lie! Above thy deep and dreamless sleep The silent stars go by Yet in thy dark streets shineth The ever lasting light The hopes

2 Become 1 – Jewel

Messy hair, chest bare, moonlight on your skin I wanna breathe u in In the silence, words come easy I can tell u now just how simple it’s been

Face Of Love – Jewel

My heart was just half full I’d never known the fruit which fed the soul But now i see what may put to rest my longing For i have

2 Find U – Jewel

Would u look me in the eyes? Has our love been built on lies? Well, why I’m asking U see, the time is now 2 turn our backs forever

Near You Always – Jewel

And they make my core tremble Don’t think you realize the effect you have over me And please don’t look at me like that, it just makes me want

Again and Again – Jewel

I need you to hear. I cannot disappear I’ve tried again and again and again. I know we said That we’d give up You said we’d had enough Again

America – Jewel

Look at the good people, hear what they gotta say-uh-huh All right See a sexy girl with her long black hair See a preacher man sporting Abercrombie wear-uh-huh All

You Were Meant For Me – Jewel

I feel so far away from where I’ve been I got my eggs, I got my pancakes too Got my maple syrup, everything but you I break the yolks

Good Day – Jewel

Self, why are you awake again? It’s one a. m. Standing with the fridge door wide open, staring Such a sight, florescent light The stars are bright Might make

Daddy – Jewel

I don’t get enough sleep, I don’t eat as good as I should, Daddy What’s that say about me? Sometimes I sleep past noon, Daddy Drink lots of black

Hands (christmas Version) – Jewel

If i could tell the world just one thing / it would be that we’re all okay / and not to worry ’cause worry is wasteful / and useless

Fat Boy – Jewel

Goes to the pool Sees his reflection Doesn’t know what to do He feels little inside And filed with pride Oh, fragile flame When no one sees the same

Life Uncommon – Jewel

It’ll be alright And don’t worry sister Say your prayers and sleep tight And it’ll be fine Lover of mine It’ll be just fine And lend your voices only

Deep Water – Jewel

Your hopes in the sky but your heart like grape gum on the ground And you try to scrape yourself up But you keep seeping out like cheap gin

Jupiter – Jewel

In her half-baked shell Understood the nature Of love very well She said, “a good love is delicious You can’t get enough too soon It makes you so crazy

Amen – Jewel

Hair aflame, wild look in your eyes Naked belly to the ground A forest fire nibbles at your veins Crawls up your arm, runs away with your mind And

Yes U Can – Jewel

See the boys with all their dolls A pretty maze, like candied streets U feel a thrill when your eyes meet U pick the one with the feathered hair

Drive to You – Jewel

Look for answers on a hotel ceiling When did my heart first feel this way? Being alone used to be just fine. Now life without you is just passing

Leave The Lights On – Jewel

Don’t like complication I like your style Don’t like calculation Come towards me, dear There’s something u need 2 hear I said If u want my love U