Performer JIM JONES

Bright Lights, Big City (feat. Max B) – Jim Jones

Ya Know….like that shit sound like rock music You know what im talkin bout (Uh Uh) Yea, My man Bruno just stepped in You know how we living it

Emotionless (feat. Juelz Santana) – Jim Jones

True story Cold sweats (sweaty sheets) From bad dreams (nightmares) I hope the Feds don’t grab the team Cause we been labeled as the trouble makers (DipSet)

What You Been Drankin On? (feat. P. Diddy, Paul Wall, Jha’ Jha) – Jim Jones

Dipset motherfuckas Jha Jha, Jim Jones, Paul Wall….they call me Diddy Yall motherfuckas must have lost yall mind AHHH!!!! What u been drankin on

Confront Ya Babe (feat. Cardan, Max B) – Jim Jones

I gotta see how that thing sound but I got it I’ma come right in wit it Dipset, uh If theres a need to confront ya

Reppin’ Time – Jim Jones

I’M BACK! I’m on my Dipset shit, 20-30 grand in one pocket, foreign car outside…living life fast, you niggaz need to catch up, slow pokes NYC…Here We Go Again!

Ride Wit’ Me (feat. Juelz Santana) – Jim Jones

Uh huh, Dipset Bitch.. Yeah… you know? Yeh yeh, yeah, okay Niggaz come along would you ride wit me? (Go, come on) Bitches come along would

Livin Life As A Rider (feat. Denise Weeks) – Jim Jones

There was no love for us (nope) So we did what we did just to make a buck played around we’re fucking nuts (crazy) Hope them ho’s puckerup tryna

Talking To The World – Jim Jones

I grew up in the ‘jects, five inch what I press Fry way to hold a tec, live bait I’m so brazy man In them pissy staircases, we just

When Thugs Die – Jim Jones

Got this problem with these niggaz on the other side of town Plus my little homey Pop-la-di he’s a rider now So you know he want some answers off

Don’t Push Me Away (feat. Rell) – Jim Jones

You know the life of a nigga’s cookin’ up yay, And because you knew the pitfalls and the tumbles of the game You’ve seen the spotlight watch niggas fallin’

Love Of My Life (feat. Max B) – Jim Jones

They got us fuckin up a storm (fuckin) Kush up till the morn (you know) Breezin from the telly puffin marijuan (all night) White t & my pelly (crispy)

Bend N Stretch – Jim Jones

Bend, Eastside could you stretch then bend Westside could you stretch then bend Southside could you stretch then bend Midwest could you stretch then bend N.

G’s Up (feat. Max B) – Jim Jones

G’s up nigga, ho’s down If the bitch can’t swim she gon’drown Runnin the streets totin’ the 4 pound U didn’t know we was them niggas, the nigga u

Crunk Muzik (feat. Cam’Ron, Juelz Santana) – Jim Jones

YEAH! AY! Dip-Set bitch! Come on… Black-out, lets do it… Dip, dip-set! Dip, dip, dip, dip-s Dip, dip, dip, dip-s Dip, dip, dip, dip Now

J. I. M. M. Y. – Jim Jones

(Jimmy) Capo. . .whats my mothafuckin name?. . .Dipset. . .(Jimmy) Eastside (Jimmy) Cool chris. . .Say what. . .(Jimmy) Ugh…Whats my mothafuckin name? (Jimmy) Dipset Dipset (Jimmy, Jimmy

Pin The Tail (feat. Cam’Ron, Juelz Santana, Max B) – Jim Jones

Byrd Gang club banger Tryna holla at ya shorty One focus, one focus only I’m tryna hit that thang! Let’s go WE MAKE HITS IN THE STUDIO

Certified Gangsta (feat. Cam’Ron, Bezel) – Jim Jones

You know I keep my eyes wide East side high risers West side low riders vest with the four-fire Yes I fo sho fire D-I-P low rider See police,

This Is Jim Jones (feat. Cam’Ron) – Jim Jones

Killa This my man Jim Jones You know we been through a lot of devistation, larceny Defeat, misconceptions Man, fuck all that, I don’t know what that’s about But

Fucks With You (feat. Max B, Stack Bundles) – Jim Jones


So Harlem (feat. Max B) – Jim Jones

Free bail posters, tail lights on the roadster (Ferraris) Live life vulgar, the FBI posters (fuck the feds) The fast cars pack guns no holsters (fully loaded) We act