Sail Away – John Fogerty

I see the silent ship, and it’s calling you and i; And if you listen close, the reasons all come clear; I’m ready now to go, there’s nothing left

She’s got baggage – John Fogerty

The weight of the world Is on her shoulder I wonder how she carries it around Wake up, it was the middle of the night Telephone ringing So I

Change In The Weather – John Fogerty

Chorus: Change in the weather, change in the weather, Somethin’s happenin’ here. Change in the weather, change in the weather, People walkin’ round in fear. Uh huh, you better

I Can’t Help Myself – John Fogerty

The time is right, time to make a move; This is hard to take, i can hardly wait! I can’t help myself. Pins and needles, nervous alley cat; I

Violence Is Golden – John Fogerty

Violence, (oh no!) is golden. aa-aa-aa-aa-ah! Violence, (oh no!) is golden. aa-aa-aa-aa-ah! Pass another plate of shrapnel, sprinkle it with tnt; Gotta have another grenade salad, split it with

Bring It Down To Jelly Roll – John Fogerty

Well, if you want To ease your mind You just go on Take it to the river When you’re down Well, that’s alright You just bring it down to

Deja Vu All Over Again – John Fogerty

Did you try to read the writing on the wall Did that voice inside you say I’ve heard it all before It’s like Deja Vu all over again Day

Hot Rod Heart – John Fogerty

Cruisin’ down the open road We can put the top down Listen to the radio Big ol’ Buick And a big ol’ sky Wheels on fire And I’ll tell

I Will Walk With You – John Fogerty

I will walk with you Every step of the way Love you all my life Love you everyday No matter where you wander No matter what you do Come

Radar – John Fogerty

She’s a-lookin’ for me Better make my move Better head out to the high seas If she get’s me in her sights I’ll be workin’ all day No time

Searchlight – John Fogerty

Oh the midnight, need a searchlight. Oh the midnight, need a searchlight. I walk along the rocky shore, the place i lost myself; I search the water, look in

Blue Ridge Mountain Blues – John Fogerty

I left my home in caroline. Now all i do is sit and pine, for all those folks i left behind. I got the blue ridge mountain blues, and

I Saw It On Tv – John Fogerty

A man named ike was in the white house, big black limousine; There were many shows to follow, from ‘hooter’ to ‘doodyville’, Though i saw them all, i can’t

A Hundred And Ten In The Shade – John Fogerty

Way out there in the cotton Sun beatin’ down so hard Sweat rollin’ of this shovel Diggin’ in the devil’s bone yard Sure like a cool drink of water

Eye Of The Zombie – John Fogerty

Shadows on the mountain, and the night begins to fall; Gather up the children, ‘fore the darkness takes us all. Tribe has come together, standin’ naked against the night;

The Old Man Down The Road – John Fogerty

He bring the strong man to his begging knee, he make the young girl’s mama cry. You got to hidey-hide, you got to jump and run; You got to

Rambunctious Boy – John Fogerty

My oh my I’m a restless guy Got a home everywhere I go Well I ain’t good lookin’ And I ain’t so smart But baby I’m a sensitive guy

Joy Of My Life – John Fogerty

I know you got to have your rest She says, ‘Come lay beside me, I’ve been waitin’ since you left’ She’s sweet to me Must be the luckiest man

Walking In A Hurricane – John Fogerty

Shadows fallin’ in my room Ghost riders dancin’ on the moon Night is closin’ in again Clutchin’ to my tremblin’ bed Call your name ’til I’m out of my

Vanz Kant Danz – John Fogerty

Chorus: Vanz can’t dance, but he’ll steal your money, Watch him or he’ll rob you blind. (x 4) Chorus Out in the street a crowd is gatherin’, Pushed down