Performer JOHN MAYER

Daughters – John Mayer

She puts the color inside of my world She’s just like a maze Where all the walls all continually change I’ve done all I can To stand on the

Love Soon – John Mayer

I read your complaint you’re needing someone older and though I’ve been warned to live day by day there’s something taking over did you expect to kiss me one

Clarity – John Mayer

I weigh three times my body I worry I throw my fear around But this morning There’s a calm I cant explain The rock candy’s melted, only diamonds now

Man On The Side – John Mayer

One more to dial Before I’m before you I tried to call Been busy all night Gave up waiting at daylight Excuse me mrs. busybody Could you pencil me

Good Love Is On The Way – John Mayer

Undercover Wasting time Then one day this summer I changed my number To cut my line Good love is on the way I’ve been lonely I know I’ll be

Only Heart – John Mayer

Baby I’m begging you Your big imagination’s playing it’s tricks on you If you think my up and leaving’s something I’m gonna do Feel my chest when I look

St. Patrick’s Day – John Mayer

Break out the winter clothes And find a love to call your own You – enter you Your cheeks a shade of pink And the rest of you in

Another Kind of Green – John Mayer

She left him and made it look sexy now I fear you won’t be far behind Thinking I’ll be the next to leave I know I might be anxious

In Repair – John Mayer

Too many hours in this midnight Too many corners in my mind So much to do to set my heart right Oh it’s taking so long i could be

Vultures – John Mayer

The rest of us, we’re born to disappear How do I stop myself from Being just a number How will I hold my head To keep from going under

Bigger Than My Body – John Mayer

This is an IOU I’m stranded behind the horizon line Tied up in something true Yes I’m grounded I got my wings clipped I’m surrounded by all this pavement

Something’s Missing – John Mayer

I wish I was Cause then I’d know I was down because I couldn’t find a friend around To love me like they do right now They do right

New Deep – John Mayer

I’m so enlightened I can barely survive A night in my mind So I’ve got a plan I’m gonna find out just how boring I am And have a

My Stupid Mouth – John Mayer

Has got me in trouble I said too much again To a date over dinner yesterday And I could see She was offended She said “well anyway…” Just dying

Back To You – John Mayer

Album: Any Given Thursday Titolo: Back To You Back to you It always comes around Back to you I tried to forget you I tried to stay away But

Wait Til Tomorrow – John Mayer

Uh got my ladder, leaned up against your wall Tonight’s the night we planned to run away together Come on Dolly Mae, there’s no time to stall But now

Message In A Bottle – John Mayer

Another lonely day and no one here but me More loneliness than any man could bear Rescue me before I fall into despair I send an S. O. S.

Great Indoors – John Mayer

The call your life’s been issuing you The rhythm of a line of idle days Scared of a world outside you should go explore Pull all the shades and

Belief – John Mayer

changing their mind from the paint on a sign?, is there anyone who really recalls ever breaking rank at all for something someone yelled real loud one time? oh,

I’ve Got A Woman – John Mayer

Yeah she’s a kind of friend indeed I got a woman way over town she’s good to me I got a woman way over town she’s good to me