Song Sorry – Jonas Brothers

Restless nights
But lullabies helps make this pain go away
I realize I let you down
Told you that I’d be around
I’m building up the strength just to say

I’m Sorry
For breaking all the promises that I wasn’t around to keep
It’s all me,
This time is the last time that I’ll ever beg you to stay
But your already on your way

Filled with sorrow, filled with pain
Knowing that I am to blame
For leaving your heart out in the rain
And I know your gonna walk away
And leave me with the price to pay
Before you go I wanted to say


Can’t make it alive on my own
But if you have to go,
Then please girl, just leave me alone
‘Cause I don’t want to see
You and me going our separate ways
I’m begging you to stay
If it isn’t too late


and all i ever wanna be is far from the eyes that ask me in whose arms you re gonna be and is it true you only see desire as a sylph-figured creature who changes her mind
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