A Broken Wing – Jordin Sparks

The last man on Earth Gave hime everything she ever had He’d break her spirit down Then come lovin’ up to her Give a little, then take it back

Tattoo – Jordin Sparks

No matter what you say about love I keep coming back for more Keep my hand in the fire Sooner or later I get what I’m asking for No

God Loves Ugly – Jordin Sparks

So I just believed you And you said that I wasn’t special So I lived that way With critical gazes and brutal amazement And how my reflection could be

Let Me Love You – Jordin Sparks

Chorus: Let me love you. Let me love you like (repeat line 3x) that, yeah. You’ll never be loney, baby if you only, let me love you. Let me

Just For The Record – Jordin Sparks

If I don’t wanna be with nobody else I don’t wanna leave my baby’s side And I don’t wanna kiss another guy I’ll pass any test Cause nothing in

Next To You – Jordin Sparks

You’re in my head like a song on the radio All I know is that I got to get next to you Yeah I got to get next to

Wishin’ On A Star – Jordin Sparks

To follow where you are I’m wishing on a dream To follow what it means I’m wishing on a star To follow where you are I’m wishing on a

One Step At A Time – Jordin Sparks

So close, but so far away Everything that you’ve always dreamed of Close enough for you to taste But you just can’t touch You wanna show the world, but

Permanent Monday – Jordin Sparks

There’s a canopy of stars And I just miss you like crazy Suddenly the world’s too big And the hours move too slow And I just wish that you

See My Side – Jordin Sparks

To think of a way To find the words to make sense Of how we behave This might take a while So please just hear me out We know

No Air (feat. Chris Brown) – Jordin Sparks

Tell me how I’m supposed to breathe with no air If I should die before I wake It’s ’cause you took my breath away Losing you is like living

For Now – Jordin Sparks

Chorus: It’s my life, I’m gonna live it in this moment. Take my time, yeah. Let it take me where it’s going. Some things you learn. Some things their

Shy Boy – Jordin Sparks

Were in the door, I get a smile from a fly boy He seen me before and makes his move like a fly boy I’m sick and tired of

Young And In Love – Jordin Sparks

So quick to jump to conclusions, cause we’re hangin out There ain’t no wishes, ain’t no fuss When it’s just you and me (you and me) What makes you

Freeze – Jordin Sparks

Just so I remember how you’re looking tonight Let it go, now the days gone Standing in the dark, although we’ve turned on the lights Tonight we will deny,

Bottom Of The Sea – Jordin Sparks

Chorus: If they’re only words just say them. How much can they really mean? What good are deep emotions floating at the bottom of the sea? If they’re only

Now You Tell Me – Jordin Sparks

I don’t know, what to say, to make it, better Seeing you like this, down and hurt, so badly When you have been, so kept, together What’s this