Performer JOURNEY

City Of Angels – Journey

Walkin’ and talkin’ and laughin’ about Dreamin’ the things that you want will work out People and places where you wanna be I’m lost in the city, who’s got

Suzanne – Journey

You’re makin’ love on the silver screen I want you more than you will ever know Temptation… infatuation Chorus: Suzanne, don’t walk away, oh no Suzanne, oh girl I’m

Seperate Ways (Worlds Apart) – Journey

Here we stand Worlds aprt, hearts broken in two Sleepless nights Losing ground I’m reaching for you Feelin’ that it’s gone Can change your mind If we can’t go

Send Her My Love – Journey

It’s been so long Since I’ve seen her face You say she’s doin’ fine I still recall A sad cafe How it hurt so bad to see her cry

After The Fall – Journey

S now love is gone Think I can’t go on, love is gone I want to say Now it’s just too late Waited far too long Should have told

Lovin’ You Is Easy – Journey

I know you like to keep it hummin’, oh baby ‘Cos girl, lovin’ you is so easy, oh-oh, lovin’ you is so easy Come on girl, gimme that good

Wheel In The Sky – Journey

I hope she holds on a little longer Sent a letter on a long summer day, made of silver, not of clay I’ve been runnin’ down this dusty road

Too Late – Journey

All the things you try to hide, that keep you running hard inside Oh you gotta leave this town before it’s Chorus: (Too late) Too late (too late) too

When You’re Alone (It Ain’t Easy) – Journey

She said she wants to tease me, so I’m on my way Chorus: When you’re alone it ain’t easy, you’re like a dog that roams Ain’t got no girl

Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey

She took the midnight train goin’ anywhere Just a city boy, born and raised in South Detroit He took the midnight train goin’ anywhere A singer in a smokey

Girl Can’t Help It – Journey

If she could show him the letter her heart forgot to send, why They’re livin’ dreams on their own, ooh they’ll never stop running Chorus: The girl can’t help

Just The Same Way – Journey

Yesterday was a good day, it’s after midnight and I’ve had you on my mind Come with me, never go away, every day we will find, yeah Chorus: That’s

Chain Reaction – Journey

I bet you, she’s the one Who helped you, come undone Those changes She put you through Long long distance You’re overdue I bet you, she’d like to say

Faithfully – Journey

Highway run Into the midnight sun Wheels go round and round You’re on my mind Restless hearts Sleep alone tonight Sendin’ all my love Along the wire They say

Escape – Journey

They’re makin’ laws, but they don’t understand, turns a boy into a fightin’ man They won’t take me, they won’t break me No one could tell him what to

Positive Touch – Journey

There’s somebody else I’ll turn to She, (she’s) has got the positive touch (touch) She’s bringing love back to me, yeah, back to me. I said She, (she) to

Raised On Radio – Journey

Lucilla is knocking but she can’t come in, rock and roll babe See see rider, rama lama ding dong Let the good times roll, my sweet sixteen, my Mabelene

Once You Love Somebody – Journey

Running wild they believe they’ve found a way Filled with hope, she’s the dream, she understands you Now this time he’ll hold on, she’ll never leave him They’ll never

I’ll Be Alright Without You – Journey

There were moments I’d believe, you were there Do I miss you, or am I lying to myself again I do these things (it’s all because of you) I