Performer K D-LANG

Bopalina – K. d. Lang

Bopalena Bopalena She’s my gal Bopalena Bopalena She’s my gal She’s my gal and I love her so Oops scooby-doo balena go gal go School bell’s a’ringing Everybody’s going

Once In A While – K. d. Lang

And gives my head a spin With the answers backing one Whose world turns upside down Shattering the ground Other expectations Love beyond reason, is a love so hard

Summerfling – K. d. Lang

anticipation’s making me high the smell of sunday in our hair we ran on the beach with kennedy flair sweet sweet burn of sun and summer wind and u

Jericho (Joni Mitchell) – K. d. Lang

That’s a promise that I made to love When it was new “Just like Jericho” I said “Let these walls come tumbling down” I said it like I finally

You Can Depend On Me – K. d. Lang

Though you say we’re through I’ll always love you And you can depend on me Though someone that you’ve met Has made you forget Honey, you know You can

World Of Love – K. d. Lang

a soul watched in silence she dreamed of love and innocence the soul thought “how odd and rare this beauty this creature of god that lies before me” the

Turn Me Round – K. d. Lang

A ruckus down the road No time to lose and so away I go I saw the lights At the junction… Pulled in my wheels And checked the show

Miss Chatelaine – K. d. Lang

I have lived just for this I can’t explain why I’ve become Miss Chatelaine Just a smile just a smile Hold me captive just a while I can’t explain

Crying – K. d. Lang

I could smile for a while Then I saw you last night You held my hand so tight When you stopped to say hello You wished me well, you

Up To Me – K. d. Lang

I’m not sure just where I’m at I’m losing touch w/ what I’m trying to be I need someone to show the way Not someone to share the blame

My Last Cigarette – K. d. Lang

The room in the morning Watching the rain turn to snow But outside my window Sometimes the rain falls harder than you’ll ever know Sometimes the things that you

Till The Heart Caves In – K. d. Lang

Stood together in an open field And share the secrets of the night reveal Then we chase the light Racing through the sky Can we untangle guilt and innocence

So It Shall Be – K. d. Lang

Now curtain the moon But faith swears It will shine again soon Shine with love You’ve been hiding from me Your kiss Has hindered the day A longing That

Love Is Like A Cigarette – K. d. Lang

What is love You called it heaven above Star that shine in the night A bird that sings in its flight A flower that blooms in the spring There’s

A Case of You ( Joni Mitchell ) – K. d. Lang

I am as constant as a northern star And I said, constant in the darkness Where’s that at? If you want me I’ll be in the bar On the

Diet Of Strange Places – K. d. Lang

Growing from deep within Carving an internal thunder Oh a craving that wears me thin Well, it’s hard to ingest So many faces I get my fill but still

Big Boned Gal – K. d. Lang

from southern alberta you just couldn’t call her small and you can bet every saturday night she’d be heading for the legion hall put her blue dress on and

Hooked On Junk – K. d. Lang

Through garbage dumps He sought his game The things thrown out Were the things he gained Back alley waste And dirt from litter He collected it all And he

Got The Bull By The Horns – K. d. Lang

And the redheads, too Love ’em since I don’t know when I love ’em all right down the line And then I start all over again I tart all

Theme From The Valley Of The Dolls – K. d. Lang

Gotta get off gonna get hafta get off of this ride Gotta get hold gonna get need to get hold of my pride When did I get where did