Performer K S-CHOICE

Everything For Free – K’s Choice

But you seem very nice So will you talk to me Shall I tell you a story Shall I tell you a dream They think I’m crazy But they

Mr. Freeze – K’s Choice

since I’ve been able to open up a refrigerator I am wondering today in the sun on a boat to Dover could you freeze me in and defrost me

Only Dreaming – K’s Choice

You’re only juggling with my mind While I feel more and more like screaming For the scar you left behind I’m sure you’re only dreaming I’m sure we’re just

Believe – K’s Choice

Knowing things I know I cannot be, not now I’m so aware of where I am, but I don’t know where that is And there’s something right in front

White Kite Fauna – K’s Choice

Late at night Children crying, they’ve lost their kite They’re left with nothing but Giant lizards Eating deer Growing appetite as they notice that Their prey’s stills breathing Lizards’

Butterflies Instead – K’s Choice

And dream of butterflies instead The beauty of their colored wings The trees, the grass and pretty things Imagination fills the void of my existence Daddy says “I love

Wait – K’s Choice

I throw it on the floor I wrote it, but maybe I’m afraid That you’ll be bored It’s very real and true and sad And hopeful just like me

Hide – K’s Choice

I am the mood you’re in tonight Pretty poser, perfect armageddon bride I am a circle, it feels right I am the one who swallows light Multiplying parasite Perfect

Quiet Little Place – K’s Choice

I can’t remember having known a different pace In this quiet little place I can surrender to the beauty of its face And now everything I see Whether it’s

Iron Flower – K’s Choice

why you ask me how I am, I’m fine I wonder is it sane (is it sane) to pierce purple eyeballs made of china {Canon} I love you like

Cocoon Crash – K’s Choice

A black cross says “Perhaps you’re getting better I’d like to thank you for your efforts To promote what really matters Whenever you’re about to fall Remember this, it’s

Not An Addict – K’s Choice

Breath it in and breath it out and pass it on it’s almost out We’re so creative and so much more We’re high above, but on the floor Chorus1:

If You’re Not Scared – K’s Choice

How I’ve missed your trembling hands inside of mine I’ve been away for ages, still you care Do you count the Sundays when I’m there Teach me how to

Too Many Happy Faces – K’s Choice

Are you personally offended by an iron on your jeans Too many happy faces, is that more than you can bear Or is it part of what you should

In Your Room – K’s Choice

She’s lying still but she’s not dead Awakens slowly, sees a picture of herself On the wall as she gets up Straightens her dress and calls me up She

A Sound That Only You Can Hear – K’s Choice

It’s clear, it’s blurry Your head, my mind, your mind, my head, as one It’s real, the foolish worry I feel you and you feel me as I feel

Freestyle – K’s Choice

Watch them follow what goes on Through a little screen Oh no, the picture’s gone There is always something else to do As long as it’s no tricky conversation