Performer KANSAS

Freaks Of Nature – Kansas

Freak of nature fact or fright Puts up with pain puts up with spite Scarred up shoes have lost their sheen It looks like better days they’ve seen Chameleon

Windows – Kansas

Windows, to the world are what we’re looking through Who knows, if what we find is true Seeing, is believing as some people say Knowing, is to get a

Song For America – Kansas

Virgin land of forest green, dark and stormy plains, here all life abounds Sunlit valley, mountain fields, unseen in the rain, here all life abounds No man rules this

It Takes A Woman’s Love (To Make A Man) – Kansas

Late every nite when I am all alone I call my baby on the telephone If she was here she’d treat me right And love me love me through

Got To Rock On – Kansas

It’s no funny hanging around winter seems so numbing Getting fat where I sit down do you suppose it’s old age coming I get this feeling I’m no good

Hope Once Again – Kansas

The flower dies the camera never lies fire baptizes The truth is light right or wrong is never black or white We all wear disguises If a picture could

Point Of Know Return – Kansas

I heard the men saying something The captains tell they pay you well And they say they need sailing men to Show the way, and leave today Was it

Opus Insert – Kansas

There’s a reason for all that rhymes, it’s the fact and the way of the times It’s moving emotion, it’s high and it’s low, no matter where you go

Lonely Wind – Kansas

When I’m needin’ a friend I can talk to the wind God I sure am glad that I found him Sometimes he seems to be the only one beside

On The Other Side – Kansas

The empty page before me now, the pen is in my hand The words don’t come so easy but I’m trying I’m searching for a melody or some forgotten

Inside Of Me – Kansas

The fire’s inside me – the bridges burn Love is the lesson but love never learns And if it’s all up to me, in a matter of time All

Under The Knife – Kansas

Buried deep under blood and skin A whisper a tempest is raging from within I hold my breath bitter proud Afraid to scream fire in the middle of a

Play On – Kansas

All of my life, the wheels were turning Drawing me near, to something that’s burning bright The music begins, a song that is new Joining as one, it leads

Get Rich – Kansas

Columbus sailed the ocean blue To see what he would fine With visions of another world They said he’d lost his mind But when he told them of the

All The World – Kansas

All the world’s forgiving the change is all around And people everywhere have seen the light in what they’ve found It’s a happy place in the human race When

Lonely Street – Kansas

Sometimes when I’m walking down this lonely street, Well, it sure don’t seem like twenty years, Since I went walking down this lonely street And the smell of perfumed

Mainstream – Kansas

Overkill, have you had your fill Come to expect it Off the wall, too short or too tall System rejects it Lost the handle, what’s it all been for?

Power – Kansas

Suddenly you can’t believe, the truth only leaves you cold Sometimes the answers you fear are there on the face in the mirror Something the world needs to hear

Anything For You – Kansas

I still believe in what you say I still believe that it could work ok But love is just another game you play You’ll never change your mind You

Angles Have Fallen – Kansas

Angels have fallen, fallen from heaven, where did they go No one could save them no one forgave them their chance to know When I hear them below I