Performer KATE BUSH

Kite – Kate Bush

Beelzebub is aching in my belly-o. My feet are heavy and i’m rooted in my wellios. And i want to get away and go From all these mirror windows.

Symphony in blue – Kate Bush

The colour of my room and my mood: Blue on the walls, blue out of my mouth; The sort of blue between clouds, when the sun comes out, The

Wuthering Heights – Kate Bush

We’d roll and fall in green. You had a temper like my jealousy: Too hot, too greedy. How could you leave me, When i needed to possess you? I

Nocturn – Kate Bush

Sweet dreams… On this Midsummer might Everyone is sleeping We go driving into the moonlight Could be in a dream Our clothes are on the beach These prints of

Deeper Understanding – Kate Bush

I turn to my computer And spend my evenings with it Like a friend. I was loading a new programme I had ordered from a magazine: “Are you lonely,

Breathing – Kate Bush

Gets inside Through her skin. I’ve been out before But this time it’s much safer in. Last night in the sky, Such a bright light. My radar send me

Get Out Of My House – Kate Bush

When you left, the door was (slamming!) You paused in the doorway (slamming!) As though a thought stole you away. (slamming!) I watched the world pull you away. (Lock

Suspended In Gaffa – Kate Bush

There’s half of a heaven, And we’re only bluffing. We’re not ones for busting through walls, But they’ve told us Unless we can prove That we’re doing it, We

Night Of the Swallow – Kate Bush

Looks just like your face on the moon, to me. And I won’t let you do What you want to do. It’s funny how, even now, You’re laughing. I

Violin – Kate Bush

Ready to carry me over, Over the quavers, drunk in the bars, Out of the realm of the orchestra, Out of the realm of the orchestra. Filling me up

Pull Out the Pin – Kate Bush

I’ve never been so happy to be alive. Only seven miles behind You could smell the child, The smell of the front line’s survival. With my silver Buddha And

Oh England my lionheart – Kate Bush

I’m in your garden, fading fast in your arms. The soldiers soften, the war is over. The air raid shelters are blooming clover. Flapping umbrellas fill the lanes– My

Coffee homeground – Kate Bush

You’re getting into making poison. You slipped some on the side, Into my glass of wine, And I don’t want any coffee–homeground. Offer me a chocolate, No thank you,

Sat In Your Lap – Kate Bush

And see it working for them. And so I want to join in, But then I find it hurts me. Some say that knowledge is something sat in your

Top Of The City – Kate Bush

Where just a couple of pigeons are living Up on the angel’s shoulders I don’t know if i’m closer to heaven but It looks like hell down there These

Waking the witch – Kate Bush

“A good morning, ma’am. Your early morning call.” “You must wake up!” “ Wake up! ” “Wake up, man!” “Wake up, child! Pay attention!” “Come on, wake up!” “Wake

Eat The Music – Kate Bush

With devotion You put your hands in And rip my heart out Eat the music Does he conceal What he really feels? He’s a woman at heart And i

Hounds of love – Kate Bush

It’s coming!” When I was a child: Running in the night, Afraid of what might be Hiding in the dark, Hiding in the street, And of what was following

The Fog – Kate Bush

He said, “Just put your feet down child, ‘Cause you’re all grown up now.” Just like a photograph, I pick you up. Just like a station on the radio,

Prologue – Kate Bush

We’re gonna be dancing around It’s gonna be so good now It’s gonna be so good Oh so exciting, mmh go on and on Every time you leave us