Only You – Keith Urban

I’ve been through ups and downs I haven’t known which way to turn And when I wander through this town I only think of you Chorus: Only you, can

Once In A Lifetime – Keith Urban

I can see it in your eyes And feel it in your touch I know that you’re scared But you’ve never been this loved (mm hmm) It’s a long

Shine – Keith Urban

It’s hanging around a little too long And I can see it in your eyes You’ve taken on a load that’s just too strong Oh, but let me get

Lovin’ On The Side – Keith Urban

I can’t believe it, guess I’ll never understand Seems to me, I’m lookin’ at someone who’s an unchanged man Tell me, what’ve I gotta do To make you see

Ghost In His Guitar – Keith Urban

I risked a whoopin’ every time I went ‘Cause white boys weren’t allowed On the colored side of town But I was proud to call That old black man

Walkin’ The Country – Keith Urban

Just as fast as I can Take off my tie so I can breathe Me, I’m going where the fresh air’s blowin’ Take a little walk in the country

Whenever I Run – Keith Urban

The sun come up and the rain fall down And I’ve been a fool, yeah I’ve been around And when the world got too much for me I took

Without You – Keith Urban

Oh girl you get to me In a way I can’t believe I need you And who knows where just friends ends When your cross that line and love

Days Go By – Keith Urban

I’m changing lanes I’m talking on the phone I’m drivin’ way to fast And the interstate’s jammed with Gunners like me afraid of coming in last But somewhere in

Your The Only One – Keith Urban

I know it’s gonna take some time For you to trust this love of mine I know he broke your heart in two You’ve been betrayed and… your afraid

Desiree – Keith Urban

I’ve wadded up and tossed a thousand tries We both know the reason There ain’t nothing to explain But I know that my leavin’ Will spare us both the

Stupid Boy – Keith Urban

She grew wild, wild but innocent A perfect prayer in a desperate hour She was everything beautiful and different Stupid boy, you can’t fence that in Stupid boy, it’s

I Wanna Be Your Man (Forever) – Keith Urban

You’re such a pretty little thing I wanna put a wedding ring on your finger Baby can’t you see that we were meant to be together Yeah the joinin’

Don’t Shut Me Out – Keith Urban

Don’t shut me out maybe baby We should talk about it ‘Cause you’ve got your doubts but maybe, baby They might be unfounded Have a little faith you’ll make

These Are The Days – Keith Urban

My grandma was a wise old soul Took me by the hand not long ago Said, “Son, what’s your hurry, boy slow it down Taste the wild honey, listen

She’s Gotta Be – Keith Urban

So much for never makin’ the same mistake I can’t believe I’m here again So much for ever thinkin’ that I could change My good intentions still remain in

I Can’t Stop Loving You – Keith Urban

I could say everything’s alright And I could pretend to say goodbye You got your ticket, got your suitcase You got your leaving smile I could say that’s the

You’re Not Alone Tonight – Keith Urban

We all drink to forget Some of us more than most When reality gets too real And the fires of hell to close But I’m here to let you

It’s A Love Thing – Keith Urban

Yeah, yeah Ooh it’s a love thing I been working all day long And I’m ready to come on home to you All the other guys roll their eyes

I Never Work On A Sunday – Keith Urban

CHORUS: I never work on a Sunday I’ve got a life of my own And this here is the one day I spend with my family at home I