Keep It Between Us – Kelly Rowland

They say true love, is enough forever, forever Then I’ll stay here in your arms forever, forever Not a thing in this world I won’t give up Can’t live

Every Thought Is You – Kelly Rowland

I love it how we’re chilling over conversation I’m dealing with this feeling of infatuation Pacing, don’t wanna force the situation Waiting for you to make a move, no

Work – Kelly Rowland

Uh You got it, you got it Put it in Tables turned into a situation Now you standing in my face and you been patiently waiting Fumbling

Unity (Stay With Me) – Kelly Rowland

Picking up the pieces of a love that I once knew But will tomorrow bring Race guys all around me I don’t know which way to turn Can you

Motivation (Rebel Rock Remix) – Kelly Rowland

Oh lover, don’t you dare slow down Go longer, you can last more rounds Push harder, your almost there now So go lover, make my mother proud And when

What Would You Do – Kelly Rowland

I gotta admit it shorty you did it and gotta lie to you, Hold up, stop play that good girl are u doin it to me let me see

Better Without You – Kelly Rowland

Won’t do without you Lovin’ without you Lovin’ without you Happy without you Happy without you Happy without you Better without you Better without you Happy without you Everything

Like This (feat. Eve) – Kelly Rowland

Kelly’s back Told y’all I was gonna bump like this Y’all didn’t think that I could bump like this Said I told y’all I was gonna bump like this

Heaven – Kelly Rowland

Kissing and touching feels better Now that I have, have you I couldn’t ask for nothing more like a misty breeze on summer days or the warmth of sun

Love – Kelly Rowland

When you’re alone This time don’t it & love You had a hand to hold, but it just wasn’t warm enough But now, cause the same shoulder that was

Make U Wanna Stay – Kelly Rowland

It’s been a minute We been talking on the phone Hit me on my two way turning me on And I’m a bout to lose my mind

Love Lies In (Strange Places) – Kelly Rowland

Clover walked in In his baggy jeans and his Prada shoes He had a nice shirt, nice scent, nice ice But he’s not the one–the one I’d choose He

Love Again – Kelly Rowland

It was not your fault I had your love then lost Cause of what was done to me by another man And yes I know what could’ve been But

Feelin’ Me Right Now – Kelly Rowland

You’re the only one I see It’s like no one’s in the VIP but you and me I know which bed I’ll be tonight, baby So don’t you leave

Simply Deep – Kelly Rowland

I unexpectedly dropped by your heart I simply wanted you to hear The cry of my love’s never ending start Impossible escaping you And circumstances never stand a chance

Comeback – Kelly Rowland

I got that comeback The hubba bubba I got the run back Run back and tell you mother I throw the rah-rah on them, Put it all the way

Still In Love With My Ex – Kelly Rowland

Ex (Kelly and Yung Texxus) Ex (Yeah) I never thought that we would break up for the better Should’ve never made the promises to each other So many

Motivation [feat. Lil Wayne] – Kelly Rowland

Oh lover, don’t you dare slow down Go longer, you can last more rounds Push harder, you’re almost there now So go lover, make mama proud And when we’re

Train On the Tracks – Kelly Rowland

(I wonder) if he knows I’ve been watching him. (and I wonder) if he knows I can feel him. (and I wonder) in my dreams and when I’m sleeping

Beyond Imagination – Kelly Rowland