Performer KEM

I’m Missin’ Your Love – Kem

I’m thinkin’ bout you And that don’t ease the pain But I knew baby that the moment I started Thinkin’ bout you baby That don’t make it any easier

Cherish This Moment – Kem

I wipe the frost from my window Not quite like it used to be Even the clouds are in a hurry The kids gotta get off to school yeah

Heaven – Kem

As if to say its right I pray for you day in and day out Something’s happening to me The man I used to be is gone He gave

This Place (Church Of Today) – Kem

Living water for each of us There are rivers of dreams Flowin’ through the heartache of this place There are children that flower the trees There are voices of

You Are – Kem

I can see everything in you You are the light that feeds the soul oh yeah Girl you are everything divine In your love I will learn my wings

Love Calls Kem – Kem

And all that you mean to me I used to think I would never fall in love again I guess I was wrong When your heart was broken When

Inside – Kem

Feelins’ start to flow ooh and there I go in your lovin’ Find myself at ease when your lovin’ me All I need I find in your love Girl

Brotha Man – Kem

Let me cut to the rhythm of your attitude Understandin’ love patience a little kindness Will help to relieve you spiritual blindness let us Break the metaphysical down to

I Can’t Stop Loving You – Kem

the perfect stranger, I think about us, and I think about the day I got wrapped, around your finger, I think about us. The sun was shinin’ on you,

Miss You – Kem

And today I miss you bad baby I miss that violet dress you wear It matched the ribbons in yo’ hair Girl there are no words or phrases To

Matter Of Time – Kem

It’s a matter of time (adlib) How can we be more like your brother He was tall thin and fine The head of his class yeah yeah And everybody

Say – Kem

What’s on your mind What’s on your mind I’ve been here all morning waitin’ For your answer I’m waitin’ I’ve been sober long enough to remember How good love