Performer KID ROCK

Bawitdaba – Kid Rock

My name is KIIIIID… Kid Rock Bawitdaba da bang a dang diggy diggy diggy said the boogie said up jump the boogie And this is for the questions that

Welcome 2 The Party (Ode 2 The Old School) – Kid Rock

From the early evening? til the break of day So step this way and let your mind be free And by the way welcome to the party Well my

Early Mornin’ Stoned Pimp – Kid Rock

Check it Times are changin Talk about it More so each year But the Early Mornin, Stoned Pimp is here Yeah So let it rain, and let the guitar

3 Sheets To The Wind (What’s My Name) – Kid Rock

Kiiiidddd, Rock Rock Kiiiidddd, Rock Rock Kiiiidddd, Rock Rock Kiiiidddd, Rock Rock What’s my name? Kiiiidddd, Rock Rock Kiiiidddd, Rock Rock Kiiiidddd, Rock Rock Kiiiidddd, Rock Rock What’s my

I Am The Bullgod – Kid Rock

I’m gonna get you….I see through you…I’m gonna get you I’m like a train I roll hard lettin off much steam In the Carhartt flannel and dusty jeans baby

I Wanna Go Back – Kid Rock

I wanna go back Uh cause I remember way back when Got kicked out the crib and had a place to stay In the Clem with some friends George

Fist Of Rage – Kid Rock

This money is me this money is everything I do and see Who are you to judge me Just let me be and let me breathe I see this

Abortion – Kid Rock

I just can’t let it out This pipe and these needles are my only guide They’ve got me on the wrong route What is my life about Living in

Dark And Grey – Kid Rock

Fuck Off Unlike me, you’re gonna run away Unlike me, you’ll see another day Run like me, out on the highway I will ride so faaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr I’ll probably never

Prodigal Son – Kid Rock

Packed my shit, left home like the prodigal son With a bottle of jack and my shotgun strapped I went looking for fame and yo I never went back

I Got One For Ya – Kid Rock

Come to poppa big momma ’cause your daddy’s drunk I wanna pump pump it up like the Goodyear Blimp Make ya hollar for a dollar that’s the way I

Cowboy – Kid Rock

Well I’m packin up my game and I’m a head out west Where real women come equipped with scripts and fake breasts Find a nest in the hills chill

Paid – Kid Rock

And while your out gang bangin Trying to catch a murder case Your hoes on my couch gettin fucked in the face Bumpin to the bass of some old

Fuck That – Kid Rock

I’m feelin major torn, cause I wasn’t born in a manger And my anger has no outlet So all day long I smoke that sess I never rest, never

Somebody’s Gotta Feel This – Kid Rock

Never drop top forty cause I always rock b-sides G-rides with a hundred spokes to match We roll two deep…three freaks…four amps in the back I kicked that crack

Fuck You Blind – Kid Rock

Come to my mansion bitch and watch me stick it after dark I’ll take you higher, higher I’ll take you lower, slower I’ll make you talk that talk and

Wasting Time – Kid Rock

And rollin’ a Fleetwood that’s how I mack I rock all the tracks, so the world knows I love all the girls smack all the hoes Show love to

American Bad Ass – Kid Rock

And I set up and tore down this stage with my own two hands We’ve travel this land packed tight in mini vans And all this for the fans,

Devil Without A Cause – Kid Rock

But you don’t know my game and never felt my pain Can’t read my brain but you read my lips And got scared when you heard that I was

Ya Keep On – Kid Rock

My name aint Jack Tripper, but I’m a day tripper So watch me whip another funky rhyme Black hoes sayin that honky’s fine Gettin mine, just like I’m supposed