The Family Ghost – King Diamond

The darkness came closer to home on the following night And Miriam slept like a rock when Jonathan’s face went white The bedroom was ice cold But the fire

Room 17 – King Diamond

Room 17 was nice and cool, oh yeah A few stains on the wall But that was nothing new to Harry’s head Even though he was strapped down to

A Mansion In Darkness – King Diamond

Riding up the alley in the rain no lights to show the way how could this ever be their home through the darkness You could only see a giant

Visit From The Dead – King Diamond

(Solo: Andy / Pete) It must be summer, the sky is clear The garden is so beautiful All the flowers and all the trees Make Me feel like they’re

The Portrait – King Diamond

The Spirit Of The Candle: (Theme: Mike) “My Mother Was Obsessed By Evil Jealousy She Didn’t Want Nobody To Even Look At Molly She Kept Me Locked Up In

Dressed In White – King Diamond

(Theme: Mike) She’s Wearing White Again But Colours Always Betray Don’t Look Into Her Eyes, There’s An Evil Darkness Inside (Theme: Mike) You Might See Her But She Is

The Pact – King Diamond

Black clouds are moving in, a storm is coming on Inside the confessional, Angel and I are playing games I’m acting the priest, and she is the sinner of

Lies – King Diamond

Yesterday I spend an hour A full hour in therapy My favorite Doctor Landau My God I hate his breath He asked me a questions That kind of fool

Mother’s Getting Weaker – King Diamond

That we had our tea That bloody tea, which sent us into ecstasy Yesterday mother complained, Feeling dizzy, all in pain Mother’s getting weaker, Looking paler day by day

Sarah’S Night – King Diamond

Monday night – Tuesday morning, master bedroom Salem’s standing in the dark Watching Sarah’s sleeping body Someone is in her bed Twisting, turning in his fever Savid will not

Victimized – King Diamond

A little later in the day Mother and the Doctor went away They left Me lying on the floor Heading for the local church, Not a trace of guild

I Am – King Diamond

Back…in the tomb, Lucy is sitting on the floor I…am, I am standind by the door The door to freedom…the door that I shut so close And as I

Behind These Walls – King Diamond

Walking in the garden, picking flowers in the sun Madeleine is on her own She can’t see any of the other nuns Is she blind or is her mind

To The Morgue – King Diamond

To the morgue… Take him to the morgue To the morgue… Take him to the morgue At… Devil Lake… Sanitarium, many a patient had died in vain Never a

The Exorcist – King Diamond

Tuesday morning At the light of dawn, on a day without Sunshine…Salem had vanished Gone, would Sarah, would she survive Grandpa was panicking Father Malone. The Exorcist…Father Malone. The

Life After Death – King Diamond

Friday night Four shadows heading for the dark Four shadows heading for the past Four shadows heading for the graves in the wooded maze Four shadows looking for the

From The Other Side – King Diamond

I don’t know if I’m dead or alive All I know is I’m running out of time Oh, I’m leaving my body… Oh, leaving it behind From the other

At The Graves – King Diamond

Missy I miss You so, oh little Sister I wish You’d come back to me And sit by My side We’d laugh and we’d play again, If only You’ll

Waiting – King Diamond

(Solo: Andy) Just after midnight, they are bringing me my pills Just after midnight, lights are out…at Black Hill But they don’t know me…they don’t know me at all

Burn – King Diamond

The inquisition will take her to the hill Ready for the kill, giving God his will Everybody’s there, none of them will care Not a single player Burn in