Performer KISS

Tunnel Of Love – Kiss

I’m right before your eyes and I’m tellin’ you no lies You wanted my disease, you’ll have to do as I please You’ll jump off the roof if I

Spit – Kiss

I got no manners and I’m not too clean But I know what I like, if you know what I mean What’ll people say? Well mister cantcha see It

Killer – Kiss

Bitch is insane, she deals in pain, she’s a killer Ooh, she’ll cut you clean, then she’ll watch you bleed So obscene, she’s what I need, she loves to

I Just Wanna – Kiss

I got a body built for sin and an appetite for passion Yeah I can see the road to ruin and I’m lookin’ for some action I got my

Creatures Of The Night – Kiss

Hiding from tomorrow, nothing left to say Victims of the moment, future deep in doubt Living in a whisper till we start to shout We’re creatures of the night,

Mr. Make Believe – Kiss

Just give me one more chance tonight, oh yeah I’m tryin’ hard to please you, would you believe me if I tell you Baby won’t you try, just one

Heaven’s On Fire – Kiss

I want it all, give me what you got, there’s hunger in your eyes I’m getting closer, baby hear me breathe You know the way to give me what

And On The 8th Day – Kiss

The streets are burnin’ with the call of the wild, and I can feel the heat They’ll call you names and spit in your face, but legends never die

Partners In Crime – Kiss

I know your wheels are turning, got your fire burning I know your heart’s as cold as stone You’re covered in abuses, dripping with excuses I know you got

God Of Thunder – Kiss

You got something I need Daughter of Aphrodite Hear my words and take heed I was born on Olympus To my father a son I was raised by demons

Naked City – Kiss

I’d sacrifice my social position tonight In New York, millionaires, and lonely people with lonely stares I’m not lookin’ for love and I’m lost in this night In the

Radar For Love – Kiss

Get a little bit of love and I go insane I may talk big, baby, I don’t lie Ooh the guys don’t know but the girls know why Ooh

My Way – Kiss

You know it’s tough to be strong, in a world that makes you crawl I’m never gonna stop, I’m never gonna give up in the fight ‘Cause after the

Odyssey – Kiss

we are on an odyssey Through the realms of time and space In that enchanted place You and I come face to face Once upon not yet, long ago

Take Me Away (Together As One) – Kiss

Lookin’ back on all of my memories And my mind was dreamin like it does She wore white and in the night we made love Together, I remember, together

Save Your Love – Kiss

You were good lookin’ You know I was your biggest fan You tried to teach me things I already knew When you couldn’t reach me Girl, I think you

Lonely Is The Hunter – Kiss

She was dealt a full deck, but she likes to live alone Ain’t just talkin’ to myself, need a reason to stop (oh yeah) With a flower in her

Anything For My Baby – Kiss

I would steal anything for my baby I’d wheel and deal anything for my baby Oh I’m in love and it feels so good ‘Cause I need her, don’t

Easy As It Seems – Kiss

You been out runnin’ without any fear, tell me why, I wanna know the reason why (It’s easy as it seems) ‘Cause it’s easy as it seems I keep

Living In Sin – Kiss

You found the hotel where I’m stayin’ And you built up the nerves and then you called Chorus: I’m living in sin (at the holiday inn) At the holiday