Performer KORN

Seed – Korn

I remember there’s a certain place, a place I wish I’d stay. I feel so lost within – pressured, I’m headed for that day. Just one thought in my

Somebody Someone – Korn

I’m just watching you And I don’t know what to do Feeling like a fool inside Feeling all that you hide Thought you my friend Seems it never ends

Daddy – Korn

I just had to get out all my pain and suffering Now that I am done, remember I will always love you I’m your son Little child, looking so

Make Believe – Korn

Thanking all the fucked people Thanking all the shit I love, They are all the things I’ve made Straight from my heart, Begging all the same people Burning is

Dead Bodies Everywhere – Korn

Tell me what you need, tell me what to be. What’s your vision? You’ll see, what do you expect of me? I cant live that lie. Hey! I’m seeing

Let’s Get This Party Started – Korn

Take me on second place Which you don’t often find I see a family walking Always thinking of Being somewhere else in time So I fall I fall face

Falling Away From Me – Korn

My time, is gone today You flew with suicide Sometimes, that’s ok Hear what others say I’m here, standing hollow Falling away from me Falling away from me Day,

Lies – Korn

For all of the things that you will hide What’s the problem? Can’t you seem to Search through these problems that haunt and taunt you I smile, while you’re

All In The Family – Korn

Jon: All I needed was a Pepsi… Fred: You better shut the fuck up, punk. Jon: Whatever nigga… Fred: Say what, say what? Jon: My dick is bigger than

Earache My Eye – Korn

Dun nun nun Dun Dun Dun Odelay! My Momma talk to me, Try to tell me how to live But I don’t listen to her, ‘cos my head is

Beg For Me – Korn

I can’t get out of bed There is evil in my head Everyone just let me be Because when I hit the stage It is gone and I am

Got The Life – Korn

Mine? Something, inside. I’ll never ever follow. So give.. me.. some.. thing.. that.. is.. for.. real. I’ll never ever follow. Get your boogie on… Hate, something, someway, each day,

Faget – Korn

You wouldn’t know a real man if you saw it It keeps going on day after day, son you fake, and if we don’t want none I’m sick and

Pretty – Korn

Raped, but I don’t realize. Small white legs, broke, the pain between her thighs I see your pretty face, Smashed against the bathroom floor! What a disgrace! Who do

B. B. K. – Korn

Please give me some place to hide. I’m not trying to go there, so take me away. Life sometimes pisses me off. It’s never a good trip for me

End – Korn

(Jerry) Is this…to this? (Mike) I don’t care what that— (Jerry) The rod that their talking about- (Mike) I don’t care what that looks like Jerry, I’m telling you

Blame – Korn

Hanging on my every word I’m getting ugly, So I’m ugly.. Tear me from your heart Tearing me apart. So I thought you’d disappear Being alone is what you

Trash – Korn

Well I don’t know I just feel the craving I see flesh and it smells fresh and it’s just there for the taking These little girls, they make me

Reclaim My Place – Korn

I’m so dumb, therefore I can’t relate. I’m so dumb, there is nothing to hate. Really is it me, or is it fate? Give me peace, or at least

Counting – Korn

To face what’s growing in my head Please get away from me Take advantage of what I feel Yes you do One day you’ll beg for me So I’m