Performer KOVENANT

Sindrom – Kovenant

A nightmare to some, a revelation to others Scrutinised and labeled, He keeps on smiling Loving what it feeds on, the flame grows higher He is the prophet of

Mannequin – Kovenant

Just close your eyes… Eternity is just another game You’re just another clone… So shed your skin now Nothing lasts forever… Just let it slip away It doesn’t have

New World Order – Kovenant

Systematic… Aristocratic… Don’t deceive yourself get out of the way We command and you obey Beautiful to be the Joker Cursed by an all-to human future Things you cannot

The Human Abstract – Kovenant

Fallen icons left to burn The depiction of a naked deformity Another long lost tragedy The man in the moon is looking right at you With a face of

Jihad – Kovenant

Get down on your knees and prolong the delusion Superstition is the religion of the feeble mind Liberty and Justice – The Illusions of mankind A dogmatic expression in

Spaceman – Kovenant

Spaceman I always wanted you to go Into space man (intergalactic Christ) Pungent smells they consummate my home Beyond the black horizon Trying to take control See my girl

Prophecies Of Fire – Kovenant

Bite the hand that feeds the lie The garden is severed, buried in the truth Open your eyes… ‘Cause God hates you The serpents have the power coiled in

In The Name Of The Future – Kovenant

Confused the angel beholds the master The little people are coming for me Behold the curse of mortality In the name of the future Death to the world –

Mirror’s Paradise – Kovenant

Was it all the things they promised you? Was it everything they told you? Was it everything they said it would be? Strange things move in the corner of