Performer KREATOR

Trauma – Kreator

Staring out the window into the ice cold air Memories of summer causing my depression Through concentrated death and rainfall of despair Visionary eden turns to hell Winter martyrium

After The Attack – Kreator

Fire’s coming down, hot winds blow the smoke away Low screams of the survivers the innocent have paid Nobody knows what happened, light was all they’ve seen People walk

Material World Paranoia – Kreator

SOLO – FRANK Dehumanization through industrialization Bring fear to the masses of reincarnation Manic frustration deterioration Nature fights back for its own preservation Concrete coffin breeds lunacy Cold steel

As The World Burns – Kreator

The future stops Existence ends Apocalypse will take our lives One by one As cities fall As cultures die As hope for survival Turns into nothingness for us Await

Take Their Lives – Kreator

Living your live in endless frustration Everyday you get nervous and teased You think about your youth with sex and pleasure Now the times have changed the blood you

No Escape – Kreator

You sought expression through them all Sadistic and perverted urges Dictated they had to fall Spent your youth in reformatories Where you’re hate grew day by day Molested and

Awakening Of The Gods (Live) – Kreator

The trust of the mankind has never been real Gods of pleasure gods of pain Gods of terror of life and of hate Mortality is endless when gods start

Coma Of Souls – Kreator

Masters of war Merchants of false peace Bleeding the lives of the lost Feeding them terminal disease Breaking the rules No matter who gets hurt Wholesaling useless trash Charging

Mental Slavery – Kreator

Land of solitude A place of horror dark and cruel There’s no need to seek the truth Opinions are provided for you Innocence of youth Full of visionary fantasies

Toxic Trace – Kreator

Total pollution the earth can’t stand much longer Chemical industry brings new diseases The fear of self-destruction is growing stronger Nuclear waste in an uncontrolled deluge Reduces the earth

Pleasure To Kill – Kreator

Day turns to night as I rise from my grave Black was the hole were I laid Stalking the city to seek out your blond I love when it

Command Of The Blade – Kreator

Mist is rising as he rides over the land With his blade of steel he’s coming to take you He has seen the battles of the damned he has

Pandemonium – Kreator

Can’t you fell it coming down Pandemonium in my brain Over and over and over again Over and over and over again Over and over and over again Over

Tyranny – Kreator

Time, getting sick and tired about the way things are So tell me where is all the peace of mind that i could Never find, never wanted what you

Ripping Corpse – Kreator

He came from the east with weapons full of blood from newborn children Now he’s here in your town to kill you die at once Until today you’ve lived

Everlasting Flame – Kreator

You’re only seventeen but in your heart you’re feeling old But one day you will leave this place of fear Escape to somewhere far away far away from here

Reflection – Kreator

Chosen minds are sailing, on waters of departure Leaving spells of deceit, giving light to the blind Dreaming with the war gods Searching for the true bringers of life

Europe After The Rain – Kreator

Regardless of brutal punishment Indestructable regiment Twice as many lives Perversion never too bizarre Can’t remember who we are Influenced us to get this far Emotions paralyzed Monotony provokes

Karmic Wheel – Kreator

That lost the will to be free Dying age a chronicle of forgotten peace Replaced by hate Rescue me for all I can do is try To escape this

No Reason To Exist – Kreator

Like millions of others before A statistic living exactly By the norm Don’t need to think about Future now It’s already decided for you You have all you need