Song Shandy (The Perfect Disguise) – Kris Kristofferson

They busted her crossin’ the border swift as a sniff of cocaine
All she could pay was attention so all they could take was her time
Proving an ounce of possession ain’t worth a piece of your mind

Cause nightmares are somebody’s daydreams daydreams are somebody’s lies
Lies ain’t no harder than telling the truth truth is the perfect disguise

Locked in the gold-handled bathroom Martin was changing his mind
Shedding his humble pretensions one careful toke at a time
And wiping the mask off a man in the mirror who really was Billy the Kid
Smiling at somebody dying for something that he never did

Cause nightmares are somebody’s daydreams…

Soon as he sat down beside her shining like Saturday night
Shandy was his for the saving sweet as she looked in the light
And maybe they moved from the bar to the bedroom maybe just stood there instead
Martin woke up wet and screaming dreaming of blood on the bed
Cause nightmares are…

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