Drunk – Kylie Minogue

I need to save me from myself I ache for great experience There’s a riot in my senses Time and space and hurt and tears are not enough Love

Loveboat – Kylie Minogue

We’re anchored offshore Martinis and bikinis Oh, l’amour Loved up in lame Quest ce qu’on va faire Live your love like heaven Sur la mer We’ll just float ’cause

Dancing Queen – Kylie Minogue

See that girl, watch that scene, dig in the Dancing Queen Friday night and the lights are low Looking out for the place to go Where they play the

2 Hearts – Kylie Minogue

I… I need, I need you. I… I need, I need you. I… I need, I need you. 1. Strophe I never said I wasn’t gonna tell nobody, no

Love At First Sight – Kylie Minogue

Never thought i would fall for a stranger Never thought i’d be so naive Trying explaining the strangest behaviour But this never happend to me 1b: I just met

Sensitized – Kylie Minogue

boy you got me messed up but I like it that way tantalized just too good to refuse when I try to stop ya you keep blowing my fuse

I’m Over Dreaming (over You) – Kylie Minogue

You’re stringing me along With just a hope to carry on That hurts me And you know i’ve tried To keep my tears held back inside 1b: But why

If I Was Your Lover – Kylie Minogue

And never realize that way i feel about you My tongue gets tied and my mouth gets dry I wanna tell you but i don’t know how to *but

Stars – Kylie Minogue

What to do with these feelings That you have inside surreal Yeah yeah yeah yeah When you look deep into the pockets of the universe you never know what

I’ll Still Be Loving You – Kylie Minogue

I’m seeing it your way But i don’t believe it’s true that I’m not the one to make you happy It would be so wrong for us to break

Confide In Me – Kylie Minogue

I stand in the distance I view from afar Should i offer some assistance Should it matter who you are Bridge: We all get hurt by love And we

Please Stay – Kylie Minogue

The moment that we met And till the end of time I never will forget I lose it every time i’m close to you Under your spell you know

Where Has The Love Gone? – Kylie Minogue

Where has the love gone (where’s the love, where’s the love?) Where has the love gone (where’s the love, where’s the love?) Where has the love gone (where’s the

After Dark – Kylie Minogue

know I wanna be with you all day and night, Boy I’ll send you spinning like a satellite, Hey you, I can see you like it when you get

The One – Kylie Minogue

Starlight shimmers everywhere There’s a certain something in the air Can you feel what I feel in me? It’s in the air, electricity oh, oh Glimmering under neon lights

Disco Down – Kylie Minogue

’bout the days when we were wishing We could fly and touch the sky Laughing meeting under cover Running hiding from your mother Lf we tried we could do

Surrender – Kylie Minogue

Come on come one Ooh yeh Ooh oh 1: Come to me And i’ll surrender my love to you Give in to your dreams And remember my love is

Put Yourself In My Place – Kylie Minogue

I can’t take this situation It’s making me feel so blue One moment you walked into my life And now You’re saying that we’re through 1b: I hear that

Rhythm Of Love – Kylie Minogue

With the rhythm in our lovin’ There ain’t nothing i can do When i feel the beat of love Go on and on and on with you I don’t

Got To Be Certain – Kylie Minogue

You keep on asking me Why can’t we be together I keep saying won’t you wait a while What’s all the hurry I thought we had forever I just