Piece Of Time – Labyrinth

chapter, a moment of ludicity Somewhere I’m waiting for a sign that shows me a direction Let me across the Lab—Źrinth I wanna a Piece of Time I see

Call Me – Labyrinth

Light me now There is a Light coming from S. O. U. L.-W. A. I. S. T. E. This time, your voice is calling me Moonlight so sweetly winds

Heaven Denied – Labyrinth

There’s a world nobody’s seen before … There’s my world… I still remember When they banished me for my sin … and you with me… “Remember my words –

Lady Lost In Time – Labyrinth

Lady, let me try Never lose the faith Keep on trying once again Wake up from the night Flowing in your mind time has gone, but something’s left behind

Falling Rain – Labyrinth

Deep in my heart I would like to find a place for love … It’s not so easy as i’d like… and all this time, all the time we’ve

Mortal Sin – Labyrinth

eleven fires burning bright A fall of tears flows the night She takes my hands and closes her eyes Refuse to be the God they want refuse to leave

Time After Time – Labyrinth

maybe I won’t be so strong Time has come for me to close my wings and pay for my Mortal sin You… don’t try to stop the Pain that

New Horizons – Labyrinth

Moonlight’ shining high Peace is winding all around I look up to the sky a sudden blazing light shaking my soul to the ground Across the seas, around the

Thunder – Labyrinth

dancing around in the night look at it’s flames burning up, reaching out for the Sky That is the way I could say how I feel feeling the flame

Time Has Come – Labyrinth

her smile fills my heart and I’m awaiting for my destiny and I’ve been waiting for the stranger to show me what he knows he’s looking sad, he knows

Moonlight – Labyrinth

I look my steps being lost in the sand Is this the place where they created your soul Where all your tears have been shed for so long? Moon

Midnight Resistance – Labyrinth

I look at the world and I listen to reason… I hear an innocent voice, it whispers me a new law it whispers me the way and i’m sleeping

State Of Grace – Labyrinth

I lie and wait for a new Dream My State of Grace… When light fades everything ’round melts with shades in a Time-Escape It’s my world made for my

The Night Of Dreams – Labyrinth

It’s the land of Secret Dreams Take my hands. Follow me where Time escapes from Reality Can you feel the loneliness burning in my heart? I would need an