The Path Of The Gods – Lake Of Tears

I still dream of the mountains, where I used to be a king King of all outer realms, how I wish to return… “Welcome back my son, I have

As Daylight Yields – Lake Of Tears

Closed the door to the world below Where demons sleep and evil grows But when night falls, and shadows grow long They’ll enter from the world of beyond When

Dreamdemons – Lake Of Tears

The hour late, outside it’s dark You better stay inside now Or you may get caught in my wrath And I will send the demons You’ll run but you

Raistlin And The Rose – Lake Of Tears

Only now, only now does he know Pains, always those pains, once he turns that way he will do it again Only now, only now does he know, silver

Upon A Highest Mountain – Lake Of Tears

I wish, I dream, a dream of mountains high Where I can sit and look down hills, and say ” This is I” I wish, I dream, a dream

Burn Fire Burn – Lake Of Tears

Burn beacon fires, blow horns of doom Sinister ascendancy, death’s coming soon We shall take the fire everywhere And all our enemies shall burn, yeah In the fire they

Devil’s Dinner – Lake Of Tears

Tonight’s the night my friend, tonight’s the night, the night it all shall end as the bell strikes 12 As the bell strikes 12, he welcomes us to hell,

Pagan Wish – Lake Of Tears

I wish I could what I would do to you Wish I could hold the nights apart Oh, to you I’d give the sun, my heart I’ll be the

The Homecoming – Lake Of Tears

But the wolves are not seating him he is alright Just the day just the day away I can feel it sometimes But the wolves are not scaring me

Lady Rosenred – Lake Of Tears

No I don’t know We wander worlds sometimes, green forests, stars and stories, a secret time under 3 moons We walk the clouds at times and ride on dragon

Tears – Lake Of Tears

A thousand tears, tears in my eyes Tears from my heart, from down deep inside For now you are to fly, to fly far away Fly to heaven’s land,

Netherworld – Lake Of Tears

Shadows dance, in the moonlight A chanting dance, in the dark night A chanting hum, to summon the wind To summon her, and the spell she brings “Come now”,

So Fell Autumn Rain – Lake Of Tears

To wander the way in the darkest of nights Oh in the summer sun how soon I came to stray A true damnation when I turned away So fell

Cosmic Weed – Lake Of Tears

Dreaming all those dreams so evil, so evil are the dreams we dream tonight But the man in the moon sits tight, and he says: “Come, come and try

Greater Art – Lake Of Tears

There is a land, a land of greater art But high mountains hide its heart The gods play there, a soft sound of harps And in the air shine

When My Sun Comes Down – Lake Of Tears

Dream it is autumn outside, an evening to hide Someone to carry me home, to forests where I do belong, close my eyes, little bit scared And no one

Forever Autumn – Lake Of Tears

Down the crossroads in a sleepy little inn By the fire when the sun goes down But the night becomes you And the secrets of the rain Forever autumn

Raven Land – Lake Of Tears

Do you know what you fear of the ravens dark Do you know what they hide, hide within their hearts Can you see the sorrow within their eyes Can