Performer LEFAY

What Dreams Forbode – Lefay

between dimensions and through time I should know though I’m caught here I know what dreams are made of here it start and here it ends this is where

So Strange – Lefay

I travel in a dream I swim in darkblue water wake up with a scream I’m on a distant shore lightyears from my world I see a woman half

Symphony Of The Damned – Lefay

heaven and hell madness is chanting my name thousand souls erratic in life chained in noplace bereaved their heaven out of tune noises pulsating in my mind a fatal

The Seventh Seal – Lefay

I broke the first four spells and now they are riding eagerly death awaits the ones who live by natures law the wormwood star is poisoning the wells below

The Quest For Reality – Lefay

right in front of me the soul of truth and the shadow of a child I approach with the speed of dreams I gaze into the entities of me

Bloodred Sky – Lefay

death is in his hand with empty eyes and a bleeding soul he hardly understand eleven years in prison eleven years of hell but now there’s no more evil

When Gargolyes Fly – Lefay

with patience they wait for the sign these demons of obscurity shall fly once again – soon they’ll be free they shall come back from shadows and stones they

Cimmerian Dream – Lefay

on the never ending roads I’m trapped within a dream of that I am aware ̉‘cause this can’t be real there has to be an entrance a door from

Epicedium – Lefay

they sigh in vain for life and tears from tired eyes are falling filling ponds with grief bitter thoughts they bleed gloomy water fills the seas these repentant blackened

Catacombs – Lefay

against evil they stand gathered together hand in hand too young to avoid their dreams of reality too late to save their peace of mind their mission was their

Fatal Illusions – Lefay

feel the cold from barren walls inside his mind the voices call a portrait hanging face betraying wicked gleaming eyes from hell the portrait knows his name is he

Help Me Out Of Here – Lefay

this horrifying dream of this I wish no more I can’t take it any more what is it that I have create there’s only evil in this place help

The Whore Of Babylon – Lefay

two sacred thoughts she holds the chalice with every man’s sin her alabaster skin is covered with purple and gold there she rides on a desolate soul her nefarious

The Boon He Gives – Lefay

– blood from all my twisted souls makes me wonder who I am am I dead or am I damned a broken mirror on the floor reflects my face

Sleepwalker – Lefay

visions kind of talking to me in this dream what I see I can not really comprehend I watch my self with something hidden in my hand I see

The Choice – Lefay

there’s two doors out of here they’re so identical and both of them is whispering my name in despair I cry apathy is poisoning my mind will I win