Suspicion – Liedge Lord

Do you suspect your brother, was something done to you? We all trust one another, we know this isn’t true For the people’s minds are cluttered With the word

Master Control – Liedge Lord

When far futures calling and your needs at hand I’ll be your creation, with you I’m hand in hand Since my automation I’ve learned to think for man Now

Wielding Iron Fists – Liedge Lord

In rows aligned we march now drawn from these careful plans Starved in this militia we hunger now for the fight End this painful awaiting our gallant fate arrives

Feel The Blade – Liedge Lord

Looks in the mirror, thinks he knows what he sees Hides the truth from himself Not from you or me, check it Acts like a dog, always take the

Warriors Farewell – Liedge Lord

Above snowy rock in swift flight Coming close to where the dead inhabit War is nothing to run from it’s in the minds and dreams of everyone Can’t you

Fear Itself – Liedge Lord

Into the madness, and back out of sight Like ten thousand strong, we burn on through the night An endless vision, carries us through life The fear that breaks

Vials Of Wrath – Liedge Lord

No one dares to scale it’s height but now they forge their plans Fools beware it’s the source for man’s betrayal Fools excuse for taming evil Chorus: Untired by

Fallout – Liedge Lord

I tried to escape, fallout All around me, yeah The blast of light, burning day and night It would last through time, with an unseen spark of life Chorus:

Broken Wasteland – Liedge Lord

Rip it up, tear it down, rip it up Rip it up, tear it down, rip it up Rip it up, tear it down, rip it up Rip it

Rapture – Liedge Lord

Immense and whole the power of a dream that has come true Her strength held back the hours And spread shadow on the truth Destiny’s daughter, her fatal beauty

Speed Of Sound – Liedge Lord

I’ve passed away now, into peaceful war Nearing now I see I have longed to be Taken by the hand of the faceless one who stands Now I undergo

Birds Of Prey – Liedge Lord

Across the skies our wings they cover sharpest eyes in flight we hover Drop to fall we’re one by one eternity and we’re his sons The call of the

For The King – Liedge Lord

Everyone and everything belongs to this man who is king With arms of steel the guards they stand protect the ruler of this land Chorus: Riding high the king’s

Rage Of Angels – Liedge Lord

Their names may not be spoke aloud Lest they profane mortal lips and take the blame From unholy darkness their attacking the heavens Chorus: A rage of angels descending

Amnesty – Liedge Lord

Patrons of the lesser man whose lives began to dim A word or law set to them upon their weary limbs Then to look back on all their past

Legionnaire – Liedge Lord

The legion holds its emptiness against the country’s mortality Forceful kept soldiers guard the concrete rails Serving their lives in the legion or spend their time in violent jails

Portrait Of Despair – Liedge Lord

Disconcernment lowers me to the borders of insanity Trifle battles remorse throw me off my own set course May I seek a tactful find of the wisdom and the

Dark Tale – Liedge Lord

Bound in iron strong hand break free denounced it’s capture with raging flee Its streams of colors blinds all keen eyes Incandescent power its dark spirit flies Focus, seize

Soldiers Fortune – Liedge Lord

In vain it’s come down, the sin of selfish gain It’s dropped a binding sheet of action to the brain With untamed violence, we move for powers lair Black

Eye Of The Storm – Liedge Lord

A tailored suit of terror Rains from the sky Made of us all Thousands will die Burning, surrounding, nowhere to hide But they’re looking for those Who can’t see