Method Of Groove – Life Of Agony

Now that you’re aware we’re gonna give you the message My father taught me many things Living deaf, dumb, & blind will get you nothing So listen up and

Underground – Life Of Agony

Hard enough the believe in yourself When I know they don’t believe in me Unwilling to change for society I’ll be who I want to be I wanna tear

Gently Sentimental – Life Of Agony

Sanitizing crush Sesame hallways Yourself is priceless with yourself is in Lust Mushy me, mushy me, mushy me, bite Gently sentimental Mushy me, mushy me, mushy me, bite Gently

This Time – Life Of Agony

I’ll always be your son But all is not forgiven Well I’m on my knees pleading Just ’cause I’m grown you think I don’t need Much more than what

Unstable – Life Of Agony

This cancer is killing me As much as it’s killing you If it takes you away from me I don’t know what I would do Just try for some

Ugly – Life Of Agony

Have you ever woke up screaming? Have you ever woke alone? When the walls around you won’t stop laughing Where do you go? Sweat seeps in your eyes at

Words And Music – Life Of Agony

Ripping through the walls Tearing at the doors of education Not that it’s my fault I just can’t help but sort Through the pieces Secluded from the whore I

Weeds – Life Of Agony

I want you all to know That I loved you all, you’re beautifull And I had myself a ball I’ve wasted so much precious time Been skating along these

How It Would Be – Life Of Agony

I wonder how it would be if my mother was still around The type of talk The relationships we could have had The three of us Me, you, and

Heroin Dreams – Life Of Agony

And it was never enough now That heroin stuff Traveling through Daddy’s arm now Cuffed in that junk who knows if I would survive Once you start shooting, forget

Bad Seed – Life Of Agony

If I won’t speak her name, if I won’t face her grave Maybe I’m to blame, maybe I’m to blame Since you’re gone, I’ve never fealt the same Well

Through And Through – Life Of Agony

It’s working overtime Worried about where I’m gonna spend my life But it’s much too late, it’s much too late Oh it’s much to late to start picking fights

The Stain Remains – Life Of Agony

Torn away from my purity Never look back and don’t look ahead At those lies that might be empty promises It’s the blood in your tears The pain in