Performer LIL WYTE

My Smoking Song – Lil Wyte

This is my smokin’ song It ain’t very long, but guaranteed to get the job done Smoke one, what the fuck you waitin’ on Get high, I’d love to

I Did ‘Em Wrong – Lil Wyte

Watsup Bitch, Watsup Hoe Watsup Bitch, Watsup Hoe If you a killer motherfucker, bring your anna to my door Is this shit you wearing, who am I talking

Good Dope – Lil Wyte

(sniff sniff) Don’t be fuckin wit these killers on that good dope (sniff sniff) Don’t be fuckin wit these killers on that good dope (sniff sniff) Don’t be fuckin

Drop It Off – Lil Wyte

Drop it off drop it off Bitch I got a sawed off Put that money in the bag Hoe I’ll blow yo ass off It all started

Blame It On Da Bay – Lil Wyte

Fuck what you, who gives a fuck what you bitches say I’m putting this one down for tha Bay you can bet bitch Commin to tha Bay,

Acid 2004/5 – Lil Wyte

on three hits of liquid microdot (I’m on Acid) (Man Whats this suppose to do to us anyway man?) Getting Chased around the car by some midgets in the

2 Door Cutlass – Lil Wyte

looking like a bag of skittles that will make you wan’t to faint eyes cocked ass drop when pulled up on the set people scard to touch my car

Players In Da Atmosphere – Lil Wyte

Hypnotize Minds presents Lil Wyte with Three 6 Mafia OOHHHH! It some hoes in here It must be some players in the atmosphere I say OOHHHH! It some

Get High – Lil Wyte

Break it down (Break it down) Roll it up (Roll it up) Light It Up (Light It Up) Get High Get High Get High Im smoking on

Statict Addict – Lil Wyte

Be out here trying to act like They’re so hard and shit But you always got to realize, nigga You ain’t bulletproof And your body ain’t bulletproof At any

Talkin’ Ain’t Walkin’ – Lil Wyte

But hatas ain’t walkin’ Until this fucking fight These hatas ain’t walkin’ Until this – Bitch slap that sucka! Bitch slap that sucka! Bitch slap that sucka! Bitch slap

In Here – Lil Wyte

I’m the drunkest (what) Highest (what) Crunkest (what) Toughest (what) Buckest (what) Roughest (what) Motherfucker in here The rawest (what) Hardest (what) Wildest (what) Smartest (what) Coldest (what) Tightest

Get High To This – Lil Wyte

yea-yea Chuch ya’khamsayn Once again it’s on baby, y’all know what time it is I know it’sa shame ya’khamsayn, You gatta actually killa a mothafucka out here Just ta

In The Streets – Lil Wyte

In the street I’m bout my buisness how I be a be a if you want some work from me you pay a fee a fee a when I

Suicide – Lil Wyte

Memphis Style Homocidal, Werd! Man Im Bout To Kill Me A Motherfucker, Any Kind Of Mother Fucker, Step Into My Face Brotha, Bet This Gage Gonna Spray

Zero Tolerance (Fuck Them Laws) – Lil Wyte

I got an offering to refuse a five piece a dro for two’s Feeling greeky across the color G’s so I’m super cool Take a trip to the ATL,

Gettin Money Boy – Lil Wyte

You See Me On Them 24s Fuckin Tatted Up These Suckas Hate My Guts Cause I Whip That Batter Up Im Gettin Money Boy Im Gettin Money Boy Im

Com’n Yo Direction – Lil Wyte

Lil’ Wyte’s the name – their ain’t a day pass That I ain’t in trouble, this changes the game And turns a summer sault to a double

Oxy Cotton – Lil Wyte

Go on and slip me two Xanax Bars – I’m ready to git fool 5th to Crown to wash it down, I’m downtown snapping rolls Ain’t no shame up

Acid – Lil Wyte

Well I been trippin’ for 10 hours on 3 hits of liquid microdot (I’m on acid – acid) Gettin’ chased around the car by some midgets in the parking