A Demonoid Virute – Limbonic Art

Unite with me in dark desire Inflaming greed awakens to breed in me The night has predatoral eyes Drifting in a plae of disguise Beneath the spelling moon The

In Mourning Mystique – Limbonic Art

Darkness I seek the silence that you bring Grant me thy sacred gifts Bestow my soul thy offerings I kneel in front of thy altar black Let the ancient

In Embers Of Infernal Greed – Limbonic Art

I see no end to the Dark obsession I am swallowed by night’s Infernal dream profession O’ sea of fire, all hatred’s desire Thy abhorrent cremation Sparks in my

The Dark Paranormal Calling – Limbonic Art

As I drift on through the dark corridors of post mortem The only light in the darkness Is the flame that burns In my soul I intend to follow

Phantasmagorial Dreams – Limbonic Art

While we are barely children of the age Floating on waves of cold etherial streams A tributary to the symphony of decay On a place beside the neverending line

Under Burdens Of Life`S Holocaust – Limbonic Art

A veil of darkness rest upon my shoulder I reign and serve and obedient beholder Cause the shadows are my hearts domain and where I wander I have returned

When Mind And Flesh Departs – Limbonic Art

winds And my demonvoice that dwells within The ground I walk is sour A spectrum shines so genuine While the earthquake starts to devour I behold the shrine in

Dynasty Of Death – Limbonic Art

The abysmaluniverse Disembodied I enter The cosmic cataclysm I discover stairways To celestial dreamscapes A dark unknown conjunction within in immoral dimension Locus reconditus occulta tenebrarum As all the

Deathtrip To A Mirage Asylum – Limbonic Art

The mystic forces in the soul Mind is receiving the certain dark feeling The murderous sources of the ghoul Life is the enemy while death is the sacred key

Eve Of Midnight – Limbonic Art

A ceremonial requiem for the gods When the moon is drained by all its light On burial ground we gather in the night Burning candles, incantations Witches sabbath with

Symphony In Moonlight And Nightmares – Limbonic Art

My dear princess of death We have a destiny together As we meet in hungry caress A deadly kiss under moonlit sky As I stare into thy dark and

Solace Of The Shadows – Limbonic Art

So the night can be redeemed As the winds of darkness whispers my name A kiss of death I receive Nocturnal enchanter to thy art I yield Within the

Beneath The Burial Surface – Limbonic Art

Righteously angels are weeping for my soul All childhood dreams are soon to be lost All innocence to be shattered I am the fallen, from grace Water from a

Behind The Mask Obscure – Limbonic Art

In distance from the light I redeem my gloria In darkness I have sights a high esteemed fantasia In hellfire and damnation my undead soul walk the land Throught

As The Bell Of Immolation Calls – Limbonic Art

From the flesh Drifting the cold ether streams of death By the altar of sacrifice as I call upon the night To take and give me life Beyond the

The Supreme Sacrifice – Limbonic Art

That always return To rape and torment the heart As darkness sweeps The face of Earth I enter the chambers Of bleeding art I receive a black picture Of