Performer LIT

Pictures of You – Lit

I have been living so long with my pictures of you that I almost believe that the pictures are all I can feel Remembering you standing quiet in the

Next Time Around – Lit

And a girl that I used to have But I know that I could never go back To the day we took a photograph That I’m holdin’ in my

Looks Like They Were Right – Lit

I’m exactly how your friends Thought I would turn out Just another burnout And it looks like We were nothing more than just A real good look-alike And I

Slip – Lit

I would hate for you to hear what I was putting you through I’m tryin’ hard to be the man I know that you think I am I’m really

Something To Someone – Lit

Ringin’ like a shotgun in my ear But they don’t know what I’m really aimin’ for Gonna leave a mark on society Faster and faster my whole situation

Stain – Lit

and he never f*cks And he never leaves cause he’s got bad luck Well he never reads (reaks) and he never rusts And he never sleeps cause he’s got

Moonshine – Lit

Somewhere along the way I’m giving in I know I feel you when you’re not around Just like the angles from underground What am I trying to say The

Too Fast for a U-Turn [live/multimedia track] – Lit

Ive got a big one Ive got my bloodshot eyes on u Ive got the answer Ive got the solutions I want another shot and i want u Oh

Alright – Lit

And fall in love again And fall in love again Maybe it’s the way you kiss me I’ll never be the same I’ll never be the same I think

The Last Time Again – Lit

Sick and tired of all the promises that I make to you And I break to you And I know you think you’ve heard it all before Something tells

The Best Is Yet To Come Undone – Lit

Close your eyes Selling years of their smoke and mirrors and Open minds And they try to find a way to make me something that I’m not (CHORUS) I

Zip-Lock – Lit

Time where I can get it from And I’ve been losing The grip on what I used to hold (PRE-CHORUS) If I could get another chance I’d put it

Happy In The Meantime – Lit

It all comes down to you and I Just have another drink Waste some time with me We’re happy in the meantime I’ve gotta make up for losin’ time

Live For This – Lit

But it’s not as it seems Broken pieces around at my feet That I dance on In my darkest day In my darkest day I can find you We’ve

Everythings Cool – Lit

And the bottle by 4 Im thinkin about the shit that I pulled the night before And by the party at midnight everything is cool again Cuz you’ll be

Lipstick & Bruises – Lit

Kick me when I fall down Under the radar Stick me in the lost and found Lipstick and bruises Up and down This is what you always wanted

She Comes – Lit

Goes out the window like a cigarette I take a hit again When all her friends They talk about me in the past tense I take the hit again

Bulletproof – Lit

Summertime, Anaheim I can’t wait to see your face I’m coming back, I’m coming back Yeah, we were young and feeling high Living like we’re never gonna die There

Bitter – Lit

Decisions, Conflictions, So much they cannot see Frustration building inside me Hurry up, No wait up, Coward mentality Anticipating fallacy Hurry up, wait up Late to kill some time

I Don’t Get It – Lit

Such a big amount of what we work so hard to f*cking make I don’t get it I don’t get why we can’t do What we want to when