Looking for a Reason – Little Big Town

Lookin’ for to make some sense out of nothin’ Lookin’ for the hunger to hang on Lookin’for to know if you’re really worth it Lookin’ for a reason not

Welcome To The Family – Little Big Town

Welcome to the family Hope you have a real good life With my little sister Yeah, she’ll make a real good wife Hope you have lots of babies Hope

Tryin’ – Little Big Town

And you can’t make me stay here anyway now that I’m 18 With everything she had in a duffle bag she set out to show the world She was

Lost – Little Big Town

Staring at a million broken pieces here I don’t know where I stand While I’m still, the world goes round so free so cavalier Aimlessly I wander, like a

Boondocks – Little Big Town

I feel no shame I’m proud of where I came from I was born and raised in the boondocks One thing I know No matter where I go I

Live with Lonesome – Little Big Town

Such a lonely sound it makes When it’s gone there is silence You can hear the sound of my heart break See these arms, now they’re empty ‘Cause they

Wounded – Little Big Town

You used me up and put me out to pasture I’m left to eat your dust Guess you’re thinkin’ that we must be done You said you got my

Everything Changes – Little Big Town

Yeah it really took me back Can’t believe how long it’s been Took you awhile to recognize me Oh imagine that When we were so close back then No,

Still – Little Big Town

Love…deep in love, I’m reminded every time we touch you’re Still the sweetest dream I know Still the place I want to go Still the one thought on my

From This Dream – Little Big Town

From this dream that I’m in If I should wake up I’m afraid it’ll end When I’m with you Dreams come true Life is full and so onthralling I

Never Felt Love – Little Big Town

The ins and outs and the highs and lows Well I gave my heart and I paid the cost For the loves I made there were friends I lost

A Little More You – Little Big Town

Dancin’ on the edge of the love you’re a beautiful sight So why’re you still standin’ there in the half moonlight Come on, baby, give me a little more

Bones – Little Big Town

What goes around comes around Feel it breathin’ down heavy on you You made that bed you’re layin’ on Deeds that you have done Now you can’t undo You’ve

Mean Streak – Little Big Town

That kicked up dirt and brought out this side of you baby It’s one of those moods, yeah it’s the one of those days What kind of dark snuck

Somewhere Far Away – Little Big Town

Gonna thumb out of Abilene It’s time to take a chance on Someplace I’ve never ever seen ‘Cause I’ve got nothing to lose Too much to see it all

Don’t Waste My Time – Little Big Town

It only made me cry I felt so sure I never questioned why Till I woke up alone That’s why I have to ask you Baby what’s behind your

Bring It On Home – Little Big Town

Wants to make it all right Someone who loves you more Than life right here You’ve got willing arms that’ll hold you tight A hand to lead you on

Stay – Little Big Town

What will I do when I turn and reach for you I lay my tears on the windowsill I’ll only cry ’til I get over you But how long

Fine with Me – Little Big Town

Talking like it’s just the greatest thing you’ve ever seen Telling me that if I don’t go I’ll be the one missin’ out Yeah but I don’t really think

Good As Gone – Little Big Town

Runnin’ up and down my spine It seems to say we’re just wasting time It’s like a bad movie One I wish I’d never seen The plot gets old