Performer LIVE

Run To The Water – Live

Oh woman of the earth Maker of children who weap for love Maker of this birth ’til your deepest secrets are known to me I will not be moved

Waterboy – Live

Whose god is in the T. V. And what do you say to the man who blames the world on T. V. They don’t even know how to sing

Brothers Unaware – Live

I know only a few Yes I may say that I love this man And that man But what keeps me from loving you? Date of birth, geography The

T. B. D. – Live

and I was reachin’ forward, I was already there readin’ too much and losin’ my head this information caused a cut in the line now I’m remembering God and

Face And Ghost (the Children’s Song) – Live

You got it good You saw the sun Like you knew that you would We gotta make this better Gotta make this right Ain’t no peace in the valley

Where Fishes Go – Live

And he was absolutely nothin’ like me He showed me up like some dime-store hooker Who was plain to see I couldn’t take it anymore so I went back

Sparkle – Live

My friends today And those who Recognize the face As the vision that changed my mind From hate to faith Was as simple as grapes to wine I’m gatherin’

They Stood Up For Love – Live

Electric nerves communicate With tiny explosions through our brains Who is this energy that never left or came? Give rise to passion the only glory Of this human story

The Dolphin’s Cry – Live

Reminds me of that night God laid me down into your rose garden of trust And I was swept away With nothin’ left to say Some helpless fool Yeah

Ghost – Live

everybody has a ghost who sings like you do yours is not like mine but it’s alright, keep it up boy loses rib in new orleans he can’t help

Feel The Quiet River Rage – Live

Afraid to suffer the wound All praise to that conscious one Who always suffers the wound, child Suffers the wound, child Hey! Suffers the wound! Never turns from love

Century – Live

puke stinks like beer this could be a city this could be a graveyard you stole my idea you stole my idea everybody’s anxious for the coming of the

Freaks – Live

will you run and tell geraldo if the mother bears your children without tears without the usual costs of labor if the mother goes to bed with you will

The Distance – Live

Let him find his lucky penny Let him put it in his pocket And shake it all around I’ve been to pretty buildings, all in search of you I

Voodoo Lady – Live

And calm the fuck down You got a serious side to you That could give the whole world a frown Now nothin’ really mathers to me you see Check

Operation Spirit (The Tyranny Of Tradition) – Live

Heard a lot of talk about the ocean Heard a lot of talk about the sea Heard a lot of talk about a lot of things never meant that

Meltdown – Live

These jaws of kali yuga Yeah it’s a crazy kind of cold A lifeless slumber in a stranglehold Yeah tibet, she can’t even touch this I’d rather freeze in

Insomnia And The Hole In The Universe – Live

my brother kicked his feet to sleep my brother kicked his feet to sleep and i sang the dirge song my brother never missed a beat my brother kicked

Sun – Live

Let the dreams unfurl Let it run it’s own game Let it dance with itself I didn’t put it here Gonna let it ride Gotta master, crazy on the