Die Young – Living Death

Mom and dad were never able to do Noone who stops you, live your life and realize Your teenage dreams Don’t care about the world and society problems Cause

Hellpike – Living Death

Kills the people without a chance Then you have nothing to win When he comes to begin Hellpike, Hellpike Hellpike, Hellpike Hellpike, Hellpike Hellpike, Hellpike He comes deep, deep

Shadow Of The Dawn – Living Death

You see, see only a Shadow, I’ve got to kill them all Shadow, Shadow of Dawn, Shadow of Dawn gone through Shadow, Shadow of Dawn, Shadow of Dawn get

Grippin’ A Heart – Living Death

Oh it looks like a nightmare, but it was real When you feel in the night, taken by your sight You turn out the light and start to cry

You And Me – Living Death

I want to try up, but you made me stop I read in every letter that you were a slattern And I’m not slight, I hold, hold you tight

My Victim – Living Death

And you hear with your ear, that they all must have fear You couldn’t tell when I spell all the victims in the hell My victim, my victim, you

Rulers Must Come – Living Death

You must try to win All the Earth and in Hell the past You look like and outlaw No one had a chance against you As they see you

On The Seventeenth Floor – Living Death

As I asked me which lift I would try Three of them waited, neon lighted I choiced and entered the right The liftdoor shutted before I pressed The button

Heavy Metal Hurricane – Living Death

When all wars end the fight You see it too The moon stood high, it was no lie When I tell it’s so shy I’m warning you They came

Down – Living Death

You looked like a girl that never will fall You smiled a sweet smile as I touch your hand Never throught about you will drive me mad You –

It’s Your Last Birthday – Living Death

A bunch of school friends entered his home Mummy still laughed as they started to celebrate And then she left’em alone In the middle of the mountain of presents

Living Death – Living Death

She did it for show It didn’t take along way Till she made it every day Three years ago She’d raving madness It was her death blow She’s a

Screaming From A Chamber – Living Death

All creature waken to me What never see day……. Through moisturing caves there were The Black Knights riding out, out into night Steeds of virtue everywhere…. Dark dust Black

Killing Machine – Living Death

Day so dark, full of dust You stand out and watch out You work so hard, here right now You run for you life And you know where they

Night Light – Living Death

And deep in the night when I turned out the light She came near and nearer, and in my dreams I see her But she didn’t know, she thinks