Performer LUDACRIS

Get Off Me (Incognegro Album) – Ludacris

what (what), what (what), what (what), what (what) I (I ), I (I ), I (I ), I (I ) OK, come on, what [Ludacris & Pastor

Child Of The Night – Ludacris

It’s gonna get in ya, child of the night .. and the hood rolls on How do I begin to, do this shit right .. get my hustle on

Midnight Train – Ludacris

Ooh, hey yeah Do you know how to leave, ride…ride Ya see, it started off in St. Paul from the street of Old Nash And it feels

You Got A Problem? – Ludacris

Come see this ol’ light-skinned mothafucka I seen him and i’m addicted Disturbin tha peace is the click Please tell these fake ass niggas who you are I

Area Codes – Ludacris

I’ve got hoes I’ve got hoes, in different area codes (area, area Hoes, hoes, in different area codes (area, area Now you thought

Ho – Ludacris

Hooooooooo (Ho) Youza Hoooooo (Ho) Youza Hoooooo (Ho) I said that youza hooooo (Ho) Ludacris- You doin ho activities With ho tendencies Hos are your friends, hoes are your

Keep It On The Hush – Ludacris

Sister, mother so glad to see you So glad your parol came through So glad everybody came out this morning We reading from the book of hush, today Verse

Skit – Ludacris

Hello waz up girl? Waz up baby? I miss you. I know When you coming out here? Who da FUCK iz dat?

Come On Over – Ludacris

Hello Hello Yeah; oh, oh what’s up This 20 this 20 Oh okay yeah yeah Yeah yeah so what’s up man So what’s up y’all going to come thru

1st & 10 – Ludacris

I started wit 10 Mack 10’s 10 clips and 10 piers Got 10 times richer in the span of 10 years Bitch I’m10 times 2 on a scale from

Cry Babies (Oh No) – Ludacris

(oh no!) i caught him with a blow to the chest (oh no!) my hollow put a hole in his vest (oh no!) i’m bout to send two to

T Baggin’ Skit – Ludacris

Hello, Thank you for calling Disturbing Tha Peace. To help expodate your call, please listen carefully to the following options. If you’re calling to listen to

Blueberry Yum Yum – Ludacris

Think I’ma try somethin that I ain’t I ain’t never did before on this one Let’s go Get your lighters, roll that sticky, let’s get higher

Who Not Me – Ludacris

Uhhuhh no way no how, get like blaow, blaow, blaow kapaow (Yeah, you ever hear somebody sayin’ something and you think they talking) (Bout you,

Catch Up – Ludacris

All this drinking gon catch up And all this smoking gon catch up But some niggaz just really don’t give a fuck But some niggaz just relly don’t give

She Said – Ludacris

She said she never done it, she said she never tried She’s sittin there tellin a motherfuckin lie She said she was a

Hopeless – Ludacris

Ooh..You feel that As I take you to them dirt roads deep down in your southern roots Where nobody said life was gon be easy And we travel through

We Got – Ludacris

DTP we got them guns that go… Yea I’m all about that pistol playa, cold blooded killa Niggaz recognize my name, I dub the young dealer You

Pimpin’ All Over The World – Ludacris

The fancy cars, the women and the caviar, you know who we are, cause we pimpin all over the world, The fancy cars, the women and the caviar, you

Get Back – Ludacris

Heads up! Heads up! Here’s another one! And a – and another one OOHHHHHHHH!!! Yeek yeek woop woop!! why you all in my ear?! Talking a whole bunch