Performer LUDO

Drunken Lament – Ludo

You told me, showing restraint Now you’re gone, and I’m lost In the swells, I am tossed Bobbing and choaking and losing the fight in the fog You said

Air-conditioned Love – Ludo

The loneliest werewolf, I wander the earth My words are mistakes and my thoughts are unclean This cider inside me, it slides like a dream The moon of her

Hello, My Name Is Your T. v. – Ludo

We’ve been together so long So many memories We solved so many problems Situated comedies I fed you ads and movie stars And you always fell asleep In my

Lake Pontchartrain – Ludo

Just a few po’ boys trying to get up outta Missouri Took 55 to Louisiana, stopped by the highway to eat They both had crawfish, strictly chicken for me

Topeka – Ludo

In Topeka on a Monday night. I taste blood every time I think of summer If that’s true, I’m in for quite a treat. ‘Cos I’m begging for the

Go-Getter Greg – Ludo

Hi You must be new I guess At least you’re new to me Saw you unpacking your car So I said to myself Maybe I should help her out

Sara’s Song – Ludo

The bluest guy the blues had found You came, you gave me Butter Pecan You let me ramble on and on When we walked down the street My heart

Part II: Tonight’s The Night – Ludo

Time is quite the killer when you’re left behind The airbag held you ’til the engine slept At home your pillow cooled while the willows wept Chorus They come

In Space – Ludo

All dusty craters Fear and panic Orbit mars Saturn’s dark side rings Are just plain beautiful Back on earth You’re waking up soon Stretching in The morning light No

Scream, Scream, Scream – Ludo

Let’s count them all tonight You’re letting go of strings Replacing them with light But I want the hit about the teenage take on pain There’s nothing catchy about

Part III: The Lamb And The Dragon – Ludo

So rapid the raptors, as coursers, they came all the scratching and screaming, I barely escaped while the fuel cells they drained far too fast, I am dragged like

Part I: Broken Bride – Ludo

speed of light, the diagrams and haunted sleep on frozen sheets, in bed, my dreams, your garden grave, I’d climb inside, hold your bones and slowly die, the cooling

Mutiny Below – Ludo

This rainy avenue Put me in my proper place I’m not the one for you But you’re here now Can you come in It’s freezing I found a way

Such As It Ends – Ludo

You’ve been searching through the deserts and the caves Your postcards hit me in waves Sadly stinging me with songs from yesterday Love such as it ends Breaking the

Saturday Night Thunderbolt – Ludo

And some sasquatch wookie-boner spilled his Mad Dog down my shirt There’s a party-thumpin’, booty-humpin’ music-wagon in my head My friends passed out or disappeared all leaving me Banana

Love Me Dead – Ludo

Like a salt-sore soaked in the sea. ‘High-maintenance’ means You’re a gluttonous queen Narcissistic and mean. Kill me romantically Fill my soul with vomit Then ask me for a

Girls On Trampolines – Ludo

‘Til Party Guy picks it up and says, “Behind Burger King” Should they make another run? Their fake says they’re 21, they’re not sure they got enough, should they

Streetlights – Ludo

Come on the pooling night Is levied aside And pressed in twilight Against our two rooms I’ll see you tonight The pavement is aching Cicadas are crying The wine

Save Our City – Ludo

the zombies are marching, they close on the square Families are cold, look down at their souls huddled in camps on the old marble steps of City Hall Faith

Roxy – Ludo

Is it because I’m American? Maybe it’s because I don’t grope you and your friends Like the fool behind you now dancing halfway down your pants Somewhere near the