Performer M E-S-T

Movin’ On – M. E. S. T

Sitting underneath the moonlight Missing my baby tonight, this feeling’s just not right The last time we touched it’s been so long Her lovin’ keeps me strong and

Mother’s Prayer – M. E. S. T

I wonder if you’re alone up there Since you’ve been gone, I’ve been alone down here She told me that I would be OK Now I don’t believe, what

Richard Marxism – M. E. S. T

Well I know I’ve let you down And I guess I won’t be seeing you around I dont know what to say I didn’t mean to fuck up in

To All My Homies – M. E. S. T

and I wish the good things would stay but usually it don’t go my way and the good things fly away I have a knack for doing wrong but

I’m Stuck – M. E. S. T

I was a normal kid livin’ it right and I don’t really know just what it was but now I know I’m fucked up just because I better not

Rebel With A Reason – M. E. S. T

no i aint got a masters degree but what you got to realize is that you dont mean shit to me because what i wanna do in life dont

Without You – M. E. S. T

I warned you I told you I’d be better without you But you didn’t care you Told me I’d go nowhere if I didn’t have you But where are

Reason – M. E. S. T

You say you love me but you can not leave him So now I’m leaving you this here same reason Cause times change and so do the seasons And

Change – M. E. S. T

I said what is that you’re saying today The exact opposite of yesterday It’s funny how things can change And your mind gets rearranged Tell me what should

Misunderstood – M. E. S. T

I know you’re not exactly crazy About the way I have been lately And I don’t know when I should say All the things I want to say Cause

The Last Time – M. E. S. T

Cuz its the last time I ever want to see you It’s the last time I ever want to hear you It’s the last time I’m getting out of

Opinions – M. E. S. T

Frustrated with what’s going on I feel lost and I don’t feel right Tell me what I can do to make Them happy, but then will I be

3’z My Lucky Number – M. E. S. T

and the two I never had are back but I’ll give up everything with those two just to have the one that I had back because… you don’t know

Breaking Down – M. E. S. T

When we first met, it seemed so right Me and you We had it all, we had it made What we had was true But the years have passed,

What’s The Dillio? – M. E. S. T

There’s this little girl and I think she’s so fine And I’m not giving up until she is mine See I want to be her boy and I want

Same Old Same Old – M. E. S. T

and tryin’ to put the blame on me but now that I’m a superstar you always want to hang around and act like you did nothing wrong to me

Beer – M. E. S. T

I think it was better yesterday that was when I had a hold on life my goals and my dreams a straighter mind a straighter way to think you

R Ska Song – M. E. S. T

parents tell me to get down on the floor i got nothing better to doso i say hey fuck you and i really hate your mother i really hate

Girl For Tonight – M. E. S. T

When was the last time I saw you Who would have known I’d still be blue I’m getting up and movin’ on Cuz I’ve been drinking here for way

Dody Road – M. E. S. T

well i don’t think tonight i’ll participate then ricky shows up he looks like a toad he says let’s go i say where and it’s dody road no matter