Performer M I-A

Jimmy – M. I. A

Come back Jimmy When you go Rwanda Congo Take me on ya genocide tour Take me on a truck to Darfur Take me where you would go Got static

Amazon – M. I. A

On the side of a carton I was taken in a Datsun From a street in Action I was sipping on a Rubicon Thinking ’bout where I come

Fire Fire – M. I. A

Guerilla gettin trained up Look out look out From over the Rooftop Growin up, Brewin Up Guerilla gettin trained up Look out Look out From over the rooftop Competition

World Town – M. I. A

Guns out Represent the world town Sick of all the shit that’s keeping me down Dead from the waist down It’s easy staying down I never thought about it

Hombre – M. I. A

Meaga – you teasa – Leaga para min, Pleasa (x2) Hombre, Hombre…Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh… (x2) My finger tips and the lips do the work yeah

Bamboo Banga – M. I. A

Going 100 mph Roadrunner, roadrunner Going 100 mph With your radio on With your radio on Roadrunner, roadrunner Going 100 mph With your radio on Somalia Angola Ghana Ghana

Galang – M. I. A

Speak the Slang now Boys say Wha-Gwan Girls say Wha-What Slam Galang galang galang Ga la ga la ga la Land ga Lang ga Lang Shotgun get you

BirdFlu – M. I. A

What’s the point of knocking me down? Everybody knows I’m already good on the ground Most of us stay strong Shit don’t really bound us Then I go on

Mango Pickle Down River – M. I. A

(with The Wilcannia Mob) First of all I wanna say I don’t even know why you act that way My name is maya and people always say I act

Paper Planes – M. I. A

If you catch me at the border I got visas in my name If you come around here I’ll make em all day I’ll get one done in a

Boyz – M. I. A

BOYS THERE HOW MANY BOYZ THERE? How many? How many tequilas in the place How many beers are in the case? Boys there? How many? Boys there? How many?

Hussel – M. I. A

We do it cheap hide our money in a heap Send it home and make em study Fixing teeth, I got family, a friend in need A hand to

10 Dollar – M. I. A

From a town That’s all ya need to know Lolita was a man-eater Clocked him like a taxi meter Fuck gold, she was platinum digger Shakin-ass-making moves on a

Pull Up the People – M. I. A

Pull up the people, pull up the poor Pull up the people, pull up the poor Pull up the people, pull up the poor Pull up the people, pull

Come Around – M. I. A

Run down Check my coat in and I paid the dollar Sidekick rings What’s up holla Text the address Ill see you later Baby come down Come down come

XR2 – M. I. A

This is how we do in the xr2 The boyz look fine, stereo’s alpine 20/20 , thunderbird at 12 0 9 Took a pill good time all the time

Bingo – M. I. A

From them other people If I tell you ’bout wha-gwan? And would you let me know If I forget the secret Took my eye off of the Ball? Cause

20 Dollar – M. I. A

War war war Talking bout ya’ll ‘s such a bore Id rather talk bout moi Do you know that cost of a. ks Up in africa 20 dollars aint

Bucky Done Gun – M. I. A

Quiet down I need to make a sound New York Quiet down I need to make a sound Kingston Quiet down I need to make a sound Brazil Quiet

Sunshowers – M. I. A

and beat it like a wing yo to Congo to Columbo Can’t sterotype my thing yo I salt and pepper my Mango Shoot Spit Out the window Bingo I