Performer M WARD

Radio Campaign – M. Ward

By my head ache blues. And i got pulled by the pull of the tide. I got stripped of my soul, Standing in my shoes, Come back, come back

Deep Dark Well – M. Ward

It’s a deep, dark well It’s the deepest and the darkest well that i have ever found Hear me calling you from deep down Well i had wishes, i

Chinese Translation – M. Ward

Climbed up a tall, tall mountain I met a old, old man Beneath a weeping willow tree He said now if you got some questions Go and lay them

Rollercoaster – M. Ward

You got heavy metal wings You could make a dead man scream You’re like a rollercoaster Rollercoaster, we was the best of times Rollercoaster, we was the worst of

Right In The Head – M. Ward

I hope he don’t forget where he came from I hope he never has to deal with wronging someone ‘Cause I lived with many ghosts when I was younger

To Go Home – M. Ward

Hope it be my mind won’t slip Sailing on a sinking ship Into the sunset and back Dark night on a long highway Little lights in the houses say

Eyes On The Prize – M. Ward

Everything I’ve forgotten looks just like new I pulled the ends out for the tie that binds To keep my promise with you With my eyes on the prize

Requiem – M. Ward

And he clapped with his hands He summoned all of his joy when he laughed It suffered all of his joy when he cried And sometimes when he got

Lullaby + Exile – M. Ward

With a thrill wrapped up inside it And try as you might to fight it Love will get you in the end And then the sound of a bell

Four Hours In Washington – M. Ward

I hear wolves around the doorstep They’re circling outside I count ’em jumping over fences, and landing on the sheet Now, it’s two in the morning and I can’t

Hi-fi – M. Ward

That you ain’t got space to fill What you gonna do with your time now You ain’t got time to kill Where you locked in coverage falling in time

Paul’s Song – M. Ward

And the concierges they meet you with a frown When I come to town I ain’t gonna’ lie to you Well, every town is all the same You say:

Big Boat – M. Ward

A high roller And everybody knows its name Oh, it’s a big boat and it pumps up the poor boys pride Says he’s got a big boat But it’s

Fuel For Fire – M. Ward

I’ve travelled all kinds of places The song is always the same Got lonesome fuel for fire Got forty-fives to play at night Got books to spend with every