Old – Machine Head

6000 years is the time that I shall reign And with a grin drank the blood of holy swine Impurity made the blood turn into wine Chorus: Old man,

From This Day – Machine Head

Yeah, Yeah, You gotta Stand tall and cut away the ties Drop Balls and hold that head up high The world is fast and youth aint gonna wait So

I Defy – Machine Head

Would you take my son? Would you tell someone whether we had fun? With your hero, double zero Gonna suck around your fearo Then I’m never ever falling again

Spine – Machine Head

Govern my contested ways As a child arrested, as a man detested Happiness inside my pain You hate my life Because you see my strife Could never understand or

Exhale The Vile – Machine Head

Do you have the strength for all your lies Can’t stand the pain with which i see This integrity is what i breathe I inhale this life i gave

Devil With The King’s Card – Machine Head

I will be your rise and fall I will make your rise and fall I’ll create your rise and fall And I will be your Got bored with me

A Thousand Lies – Machine Head

But has to cheat a little to get by Well that’s a person that I know too well Don’t want to know but I don’t have to ask why

None But My Own – Machine Head

I am just a man with these two fists You have asked forgiveness You have asked respect Only something that you did forget All you gave you had planned

The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears – Machine Head

Many men have walked before Yeah this pain cell, the broken shell Scraped, shackled onto the floor So welcome to the world that I lived in Puking out violent

I’m Your God Now – Machine Head

Well I learned to accept that feeling ‘Cause I found how to numb it If only for just a short while I’d get so high I’d forget my name

Silver – Machine Head

A cigarrette, a silver bullet Angels crying day and night The world is our stage Look inside and try and find the part of me that tore I wish

Nothing Left – Machine Head

Every day complacent Desecrates the fabric of lies Emptiness fills inside me Bitterness has denied me Faith like this well Could I really give a shit When I feel

A Nation On Fire – Machine Head

Well I see, I feel On my way You close your eyes, scared to think You might see A world that spends more to kill than to cure Living,

Violate – Machine Head

I want you to know just what I feel You told me through sacred lies I told you once with bloodshot eyes You told me don’t ask Just stay

Blood Of The Zodiac – Machine Head

Could you please help But was told Take me from this altar I won’t falter But I might fall This bitter man would understand Through all his life, a

Desire To Fire – Machine Head

We turn desire to fire electric spark to the wire highered the stakes when we brought this monster life prevail by daring to fail others content just to sail

Bay Of Pigs – Machine Head

And I won’t be your scapegoat now Ain’t gonna bend and won’t ’til the end Understand on my word I vow A pig, a pig, that’s all you’ll ever

Take My Scars – Machine Head

And it’ll be there for plenty more It is the face hidden in disgrace That has become now open sore It is a false messiah It is the face