Performer MAINE THE

Girls Do What They Want – Maine, The

she makes the boys feel so weak (so weak) it’s all for her, not at all she’ll pick up just to watch you fall it’s her hands on my

The Way We Talk – Maine, The

She’s fresh to death, She’ll be the death of you, Seduction leads to destruction. She’s fresh to death, She’ll be the death of me, She’s fresh but not so

This Is The End – Maine, The

I’m dodging words, but she’s saying the right lines She made me, made me oh so crazy But this time I feel like I’m doing something right It made

We All Roll Along – Maine, The

With good friends. We did nothin’ but it seems like we did so much. Back then. Oh back then we would kick it laughin’ all relaxing’ And taking things

Undressing The Words – Maine, The

But I’ve had it on my mind all night. and you’re intensive but you’re dying for attention, Girl, it takes you just to feel alright. It isn’t real if

Time To Go – Maine, The

I’ve got the keys, baby you’re so gone It’s time to go, so put on all your clothes We’re running late, and we both know ‘Cause you’ve got your

You Left Me – Maine, The

And now I see you as I should of from the start Oh, you left me with nothing but a kiss And now I’m leaving you with these lips

Count ’em, One, Two, Three – Maine, The

You look so cute when you get that mad You drain the life from me and it feels oh so good The looks you give are so contagious The

Kiss And Sell – Maine, The

I need to find myself a new chick I need to kiss a set of new lips She’s gotta be something new to me Fresh face, someone new to

We Change, We Wait – Maine, The

I am on my own, But it’s nice to see you came alone. And this might sound wrong, But I can only tell you through a song. And I

I Must Be Dreaming – Maine, The

Judging by the faces that she’s making. And I think she’s pretty. But pretty’s just part of the things she does that amaze me. And she calls me sweetheart.

Into Your Arms – Maine, The

She had it all figured out. (Had it all figured out) And I’ll state something rash. She had the most amazing….smile. I bet you didn’t expect that. But she

If I Only Had The Heart – Maine, The

I had a dream last night. Where I woke up too late. And everything I loved. I began to hate. I know I sound repetitive, Cause I’m repeating myself,

Shake It – Maine, The

not even you. I’ve got an old suitcase full of my old ways but I tossed it away and I swallowed that key. So take a deep breath and

Whoever She Is – Maine, The

My car got stolen and I’m gonna be late If it weren’t the same curb at 4th something But I’m fine with it I thought I had it all

Daisy – Maine, The

I was taken back, yeah i was taken back, and by the time i caught my breath, you had blossomed into something that i did not expect. and if

The Town’s Been Talkin’ – Maine, The

And I’m watching you, That language your body’s speaking, It makes me sick. And you’re not so smooth, Cause you do it for the thrill. And I’m watching you.

Give Me Anything – Maine, The

And you’re loving every second of attention. I need to find just some way to get through, Or at least some way that I can mention. I’m feeling you,

We’ll All Be… – Maine, The

Where everybody knows your name, and they’re smiling We may not be gettin’ younger, our days might be slippin’ away Yeah we’re still so fucking young, so we’ll party

Everything I Ask For – Maine, The

Love notes reminding me She wears red when she’s feeling hot I have her but that’s all I’ve got She looks best without her clothes I know it’s wrong