Sadistic Perversity – Malevolent Creation

Immorals strike may scarify Hunting for your should Gasp in awe, witnessing death End of glory born Destroy the throne, impale his might Blessed in blood and tears Mortify

Purge – Malevolent Creation

Bodies charred, no scream felt No life left, humanity melts Feel the end delivered whole Try to deny what you don’t know Pushing on passing fear Hope is lost,

Eve Of The Apocalypse – Malevolent Creation

To step outside the boundaries of just the will to survive. Come inside, feel your life, slip from your grasp, to your religion you clasp. A fear that is

Self-Important Freak – Malevolent Creation

You’re the leader of the asshole race Lying your way to the throne of shame Sure to die in pain No longer willing to pay For the losers and

In Cold Blood – Malevolent Creation

spilling innocent blood Cries of the undead too deafening to ignore Craving desire Into the terror unknown Never to live again Life pulled inside out There’s no escape from

Eternal – Malevolent Creation

Wasted flesh, stripped from life, now you die Hear no more, feelings numb, gone the sky Loss of sight, no sun no dawn To an end your life is

The Coldest Survive – Malevolent Creation

The life you’re given is your living hell. Brought up on tumultuous times. Accumulation of this the killing crime. Gunsmoke blazes, glochs crack. Casket encases, bodies stack. Kill for

Manic Demise – Malevolent Creation

Blood curdled dismemberment Pain beyond scream Slicing through sinew and bone Blood letting extreme Beg and cry sustain your life Streaming like tears your innards flow Simple solution negative

The Fine Art Of Murder – Malevolent Creation

Swath of blood, shapes of the dead My mind transforms to canvas in my head Always striving set to achieve And execute the fine art of… Murder, murder, murder,

Iced – Malevolent Creation

to plan his kill, premeditate. Contracts are signed, victim dies, tools of the trade, build to slay, no detail left to careless thought. Relentless pursuit of accuracy, the touch

Mindlock – Malevolent Creation

Lost souls in search of a man to be delivered into his hands. Ordering his flock to murder on command. These the twisted thoughts of one single man. Now

Fracture – Malevolent Creation

Sorrow for the shallow Shall never be had Weed out the weak Feed on the sad High above the loathsome Defiled by the crass Mind is strong, soul is

No Salvation – Malevolent Creation

Form emerges, cultists scatter Unleashed torrent, prodigal son When he adapts, sent forth is strength When he does not, initiation ends Seas will turn red with his blood And

Remnants Of Withered Decay – Malevolent Creation

Remnants strewn upon the ground, drag the carcass withered and brown, sockets crushed powder remaining on the black puss, undead are preying. Pulling at the fragments of existence, suicide

Instinct Evolved – Malevolent Creation

Instinct is trapped Impulse evolved Basics of life Death now revolves Innocence beyond the realms Of a reasonable doubt My justice defiled Blood let your soul out Try to

Injected Sufferage – Malevolent Creation

Transfusion of your fluids brings on deficient death. Useless is your attempt to avoid the casual lay. There goes your skin out from under your teeth, Welcome to the

Bone Exposed – Malevolent Creation

Grabbing repent Clutching remorse Sins that are breathed Sins at your source Dumped blood upon the ground Soaked up integrity Broken limbs, broken screams Spitting out obscenity Disregard all

Premature Burial – Malevolent Creation

Deceased before I am dead, denounced since birth. Alone in this dark void, left to deal with my fear. No way to escape the embrace of the dead. Body

The Way Of All Flesh – Malevolent Creation

No volue of life on earth Cries for help go unheard Will there be a rebirth Rotten corpse satisfies Immortality Hunger for black gratified Abhorent death reality Expression of

Genetic Affliction – Malevolent Creation

Substantiate the right to hate Violent shape takes on meaning Passed down through the ages Genetic spiral mutates Growing affliction slices fate One need, one soul, out of control