Performer MANOWAR

Defender – Manowar

When you are old enough to read these words Their meaning will unfold These words are all that’s left And though we’ve never met, my only son I hope

Fight For Freedom – Manowar

It’s heard across the sea You’ll only hear it if you listen with your hearts And one day hope to be free To hear the sound of freedom many

Battle Hymn – Manowar

By moonlight we ride Ten thousands side by side With swords drawn held high Our whips and armours shine Hail to thee our infantry Still brave beyond the grave

Hail To England – Manowar

With sails full of wind-our hearts Overflowwith belief. The quest for the grail to England We sail, with our steel. We Bring what was lost. If Lives are the

All Men Play On Ten – Manowar

When I tried giving in, to make money had to turn down loud They said, “Why be proud, don’t play so loud Be like us and get a sound

Fast Taker – Manowar

Mama is having troubles, It always comes from me Your daddy said that drink is Is not yours for the free They tell you I’m a loser ‘Cause I

King Of Kings – Manowar

All Shout and proclaim The Kingdom of Glory is mine The Raise of the will our prophecy filled I’m the lord of the day and the night Ive nothing

Prelude – Manowar

See my chariot run to your ships I’ll drive you back in the sea You came here for gold The wall will not hold This day was promised to

I Believe – Manowar

From The Day I Walk Into The Night From The Shadows I Will Appear With A Message For All Who Will Hear For The Weak Of Heart I Will

Courage – Manowar

Some want to think hope is lost see me stand alone I can’t do what others may want then I’ll have no home So for now wave good-bye and

Blood Of My Enemies – Manowar

Ride by my side.-The fierce, The black, and the wicked are their names-we ride down my enemies on their half-hearted flight. No voice of mercy-no evangels of light. Mighty

The Gods Made Heavy Metal – Manowar

In the beginning there was silence and darkness All across the earth Then came the wind and a hole in the sky Thunder and lightning came crashing down Hit

The Oath – Manowar

Priests and kings, the alpha and omega, poison bites False prophets and deceivers, swing from the trees Now dawn the age of birds Drunk with blood, like lepers with

Swords In The Wind – Manowar

Odin hear my call One day I’ll sit beside your throne In Valhalla’s great hall Like so many before me I’ll die with honor and pride The right of

House Of Death – Manowar

Into the kingdom of darkness again Lightning flash and body in flame All shall kneel at the sound of my name My path is set, I live with no

The Power Of Thy Sword – Manowar

The rising sun I’ll wait for thy command with Flame and blood at hand glory and broken sword I’m the master of the world I have no fear of

Black Wind Fire And Steel – Manowar

Fool moon’s light is calling me My kingdom lies within The mystic soul and lion’s heart Brought by the talisman The ecstasy of batlle takes me Where the falcons

Metal Warriors – Manowar

Every one of us has heard the call brothers of True metal proud and standing tall the know The power within us has brought us to this hall There’s

Revelation (Death’s Angel) – Manowar

Judgement passed delivered by his hand Now clear the smoke, there the ashes stand A fitting tribute to mortality and man. What was written foretold in dreams, in visions

Manowar – Manowar

We met on English ground In a backstage room We heard the sound And we all knew What we had to do We called the high command Questedly to