Performer MARDUK

Legion – Marduk

Beyond the horizon on the everlasting night A heart so black and cold as ice A soul in fire blessed and baptized Lucifer is the fallen light-bearer For his

Of Hells Fire – Marduk

And see the beauty and the power of the devils mark The night always calls my name Gaze into my eyes and see the shadows of the flames Of

The Black Tormentor Of Satan – Marduk

A thousand eyes burn in the night A kneeling shape in a void of fire gazes out over this world Within a blink of an eye A gruesome face

Darkness It Shall Be – Marduk

Of the dark arts, and the blackened powers I possess I have dreamt about worlds burning in millions of fires And the worthless christianity burning with them I and

Glorification Of The Black God – Marduk

In the shape of a black goat – The dark lord himself Presiding over the revelry… Demons, witches, and spirits of Darkness await And watch with pleasure on the

Dracul Va Domni Din Nou In Transilvania – Marduk

All demons ride high upon the bewitching Nightsky They are only disturbed by a new-born child’s painful cry Son of the great dragon, come forth to rule In all

Dreams Of Blood And Iron – Marduk

By saving his people from the turks and powers fatal to the flesh But the turkish sultan Murad saw this as a treason to their deal And swore to

Beyond The Grace Of God – Marduk

And under my shadow, the flowers wither I have drunk the blood of jesus, and my reflection is just a shadow As a bat or a wolf I travel,

Kaziklu Bey (The Lord Impaler) – Marduk

Chosen one After the fourth crusade all christian piety is gone And the greatest commander against the muslim turks you have now become Kaziklu Bey – Stormbringer of fright

The Return Of Darkness And Evil – Marduk

Whispered by a Witch in the dawn Summon the darkness pure evil and death And gather the legions of scorn The darkness possesses you your soul scream in vain

Dracole Wayda – Marduk

Which struck the christian world as a blaze Konstantinopel has fallen into the hands of the turks And the emperor Konstantin is dead The fear of the turks is

Bloodtide (Xxx) – Marduk

Has turned light into shadows And through the deep forest Only the mist prevails Carried forth by the whispering wind And in a glade of the deepest part of

Nightwing – Marduk

And cast your shadow over those who before dawn will die Beyond a great vast forest lies the desolate land Ruled by men controlled by Satans hand Craving for

Slay The Nazarene – Marduk

That the romans brought pain to you thy fool People to your god should be lead While our warriors lost and scattered fled You should be the king on