Always Be My Baby [Mr. Dupri Mix] – Mariah Carey

Intro: {Da Brat}: I got one for the money I got two for the bass I got three to get you goin’ baby cause da brats in da place

My All [Morales My Club Mix] – Mariah Carey

Uh huh, uh huh, and JD like what Uh huh, uh, huh, uh huh, and Lord Tariq like what Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, and Peter Gunz like

Thank God I Found You [Make It Last Remix] – Mariah Carey

Oh Cluemenati (Joe: MC) MC to the J O E Nastradamus Joe: Make it last ooh Mariah: Let’s make it (Nas: Remix) Joe: Make it last forever (Nas: For

One And Only – Mariah Carey

I’m lookin’ for my one and only Every time I turn around I find my heart in pieces on the ground So so lonely I’m lookin’ for my one

Subtle Invitation – Mariah Carey

And if you happen to be somewhere listening You should know I’m still here If you really need me Baby just reach out and touch me You don’t ever

Dreamlover – Mariah Carey

The kind of love That will last always I need somebody uplifting To take me away I want a lover who knows me Who understands how I feel inside

Jesus Born on This Day – Mariah Carey

(Today a child is born on earth) Today the glory of God shines everywhere For all the world Oh Jesus born on this day He is our light and

The One – Mariah Carey

That I can’t help Wanna get a little closer But I promised myself That I would never give my heart Away again Oo oo babe, I know it’s hard

Vanishing – Mariah Carey

All of the memories And bring them to life Surely I would Hear the distant laughter Wasn’t it you and me Surviving the night You’re fading out of my

Stay The Night – Mariah Carey

And saying I’m the one you need To keep you warm And lay with you tonight Baby I feel the same way I don’t want to leave Wanna hold

Get Your Number – Mariah Carey

Oh damn The club ’bout to close in a minute Can I get your number baby So you and I can go get in it Let me come

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life – Mariah Carey

Last night a DJ saved my life Cause I was sittin’ there bored to death And in just one breath he said You gotta get up You gotta get

Did I do that? – Mariah Carey

When you hear this song That you’re happy With someone new I found a love I can call my own And I owe it in part to you Don’t

And You Don’t Remember – Mariah Carey

Cut through my mind Tragically our love has died Memories confine my head Bitterly I face the end Trustingly I gave myself to you I let you inside Believing

How much (feat. Usher) – Mariah Carey

I can’t describe lt’s almost too intense To verbalize Essentially you’re all I’m living for And basically each day I need you more and more CHORUS: Have you even

You Got Me (feat. Jay-Z and Freeway) – Mariah Carey

Don’t know what to say I don’t know what to do ‘Cause you do something to me That I can’t describe baby Always catch myself thinkin’ ’bout The things

Joy Ride – Mariah Carey

Baby baby don’t you ever let go More and more until we both overflow Got a feeling that my heart’s never known I found love Tender kisses and I’m

Loverboy – Mariah Carey

Who knows what I like When he invites me over I come every time And when my sugar daddy Takes me for a ride Whatever way we go it’s

Want You – Mariah Carey

Oh so bad It’s just the feeling that comes over me I had a crush on you Painstakingly I Would conceal the truth You probably always knew But I

Loverboy Remix – Mariah Carey

Who knows what I like When he invites me over I come every time And when my sugar daddy Takes me for a ride Whatever way we go it’s