Performer MARIO

Braid My Hair – Mario

a 15 year old, gettin his dough back and fourth to the studios hoppin outta limosines, rockin the latest jeans jordans, fresh, t-shirt, new and even though these things

Holla Back – Mario

Sporting your daddy truck on 23s You are the finest girl I’ve ever seen And I wanna be in your world I gotta be I gotta be Can you

Chick With The Braids – Mario

finer than my ex, and the girl i’ve got now 5 foot frame, shorty keeps it tight and if you wit your girl, best be lookin for a fight

Never – Mario

I can truly say that I love u And we know that love is not puffed up So there are things in love that u’ll never do I would

Just A Friend – Mario

I wanna know if you gotta man (I wanna know) I wanna know everything I wanna know ya number and if I can come over and I wanna know

Like Me Real Hard – Mario

In these past two months I never laughed so much In my life It’s been all about us Since that time we had That intimate talk Suddenly your actin’

Girl In The Picture – Mario

Think I love the girl in the picture She’s a fantasy someone that I need to see Make a reality Got me all outta control Who do I gotta

Couldn’t Say No – Mario

All i could do All i could say is that im sorry (sorry sorry sorry sorry)Fading listen to me i know i really messed up this time Just here

Put Me On – Mario

come here for a second I wanna holla at ya whats up yo, you know that girl you was with the other day yea, she got a man? maybe,

Let Me Love You (Remix) – Mario

Baby you should let me love you, let me love you, Baby you should let me love you, You should let me love you, (let me love you, let

Directions – Mario

Album: Turning Point Titolo: Directions Baby If you tryin to get to good love you have to Follow the directions I can tell That you

Shakedown – Mario

Yeah I caught you peekin’by the corner of my eye. Me I’m never sleepin’ bet you think I’m fly. I’m tryin’ to take a girl home tonite you see.

C’mon – Mario

Where did you come from, I wanna thank your moms for bringin’ u into this life, and makin u my type dont (dont) hold (hold) this (this) against me

How Could You – Mario

It’s kinda crazy baby, How i remember things, (like where you came from and how you had nothin) I went and made you flyy, Putextras on ya ride, (didnt

Could U Be – Mario

And Nikki had those angel eyes that changed my mind the day she looked at me Then outta nowhere you came walking in my life you really blew my

Boom – Mario

Juvenile and Mario pimping and we on deck so stay tune to ya programs cause we on next I wanna women catching the wall unless you got that diesea

18 – Mario

Is do me Feel me? Come on Next time y’all try to compare Remember I just turned 18 That means I got 7 years to catch up So

Nikes Fresh Out The Box – Mario

A pair of fresh all white air force ones. And i said to my self. I got to have. Got to have those black nikes fresh out the box.

Call The Cops – Mario

Her conversation got the best of me when she said she gonna shut it down (shut it down) Look, I ain’t no easy win won’t you put your money

Girl I Need – Mario

like a CL5 double “O” but that aint all oh no I need a girl thats smart (and really intelligent) a girl with heart somebody who dont take