Tempted – Marques Houston

Now baby girl let me explain to you Don’t walk away baby I just wanna get next to you I bet ya that ya man can’t do What i

Do You Mind – Marques Houston

Yea…uhh Girl u lookin so sexy, u no Come ova here Let me talk to for a min Chek this out I got ur message on my

Dirty Dancin’ – Marques Houston

Chours: First thing i want to see how you shake it up for me. You got me going crazy. Baby start dirty dancing for me.(x2) Verse: I walk in

All Because Of You – Marques Houston

I can’t blame you if you wanna leave, Cause i’m not the man that I once used to be. But there’s a change that has come over me, So

That Girl – Marques Houston

Yo Can I talk to you for a minute Look All I did was look Why you trippin’ Look Check this out Check it Baby Look i’m

Actin’ Up – Marques Houston

She’s complicated It so frustrating Sometimes I think This girl is crazy Can’t explain it Finest thing Screams my name I can’t let her go First we

Walk Away – Marques Houston

just like a star shooting past the moon felt like a holiday i wanna take you away to another place where the love just over flows, babe you are

Love’s a Game – Marques Houston

summer breeze baby don’t leave me and i was a fool who did’nt have the strenth to walk away from you so i choose to lose (chorus) and loves

Naked – Marques Houston

I got somethin i gotta do tonight: listen (Verse 1) Ain’t never been a man that want anything but just I want you The sun dont come up till

Heartbreaker – Marques Houston

I would have never got with you from the start. You gave me alot of heart pain and lies. But now its over I’m saying good-by Chouse: You aint

Marriage – Marques Houston

Marriage don’t change, Nothing but your name, Unless it’s real love, Throught the sunshine and the rain, for better or for worse, girl this is not a game, See

I Wasn’t Ready – Marques Houston

Oh, oh, oh, I wasnt ready, Oh, I wasnt ready, Oh, I wasnt ready, 1st Verse: When you talked about our future, you would nod your head and smile,

Sex Wit You – Marques Houston

When I wake up in the morning… I smell that good old breakfast that my m0ther used t0 make.. Sex with you is like.. The feeling that y0u get

Alone – Marques Houston

Alone Na na na na na na Alone Na na na na na I know (listen up) Questions cloud my head with why Tears on my pillow as I

Because of You – Marques Houston

Your my everything You know Everything that I ever wanted(haa haa) Huh check it Girl I must confess From the first time I saw you Thaught to myself don’t

I Like It – Marques Houston

(Dame) I like it with your tight jeans on I can see your thong and you know it turns me on (RaRa) I like it when your pants hang

Everything – Marques Houston

(Sighs) Yea How can you forget about us? All the sacrifices we made Everything we’ve been through. . . I’m sorry. . . v 1 You gave your love

Grass Is Greener – Marques Houston

Tell me where the hell you get the nerve coming back asking for a second chance After you left me alone for the next man (oh know) Aint it

Cheat – Marques Houston

Baby I’m sorry, but I cheated And I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me Check it out. . . v 1 Babygirl, I know I used

I Like It Like That – Marques Houston

whooa whooo i like that i like that girl twirk that back whooo i like that i like that girl freak that back whooa whooo i like that i