Performer MASSACRA

Civilization In Regression – Massacra

No love, absolute hatred Civilization in regression The human race was born to make war To hate each other The nature only made one mistake to Give intelligence to

The Day Of Massacra – Massacra

Show Of Sack And Aggression Smoke Screen And Rays Of Light Howling Crowded Ready To Fight Hemoglobin Starts To Flow All Systems Go To Begin The Show Offering You

Harmless Numbers – Massacra

The source of your satisfaction Harmfull leaders Can you see our disillusion Full of power That will be your downfall someday Absolute reign Nothing lasts, you will miss the

Signs Of The Decline – Massacra

Unceasing deforestation Atmospheric desintegration Excessive proliferation Parastic civilization Chemical factories, industries of death Nuclear waste, noxious gas, pesticide Destruction of the seas, disintegration of the ground Ecological disaster Air

Madness Remains – Massacra

I think I told you Many things I was never shown, I won’t be like you Many I’ll never see, nobody told me Want to throw my life down

Pay For My Tears – Massacra

The grass is always greener Everytime I will for sure win the game This pain won’t be forever See the struggle I’m leaving deep inside It was not right

Enjoy The Violence – Massacra

You must comply to my evil influence You’d like to throw your boss out of the window Show no mercy and cut him up with a chainsaw You can’t

Mad To Be Normal – Massacra

Betwwen joy end pain I won’t show you how I feel, The life you’re leading is fake Why should I stay watching outside And takingyour shit as a guide

Worlds Dies Screaming – Massacra

I want to leave here, before it’s too late Open my arms and embrace my fate Rocked in the cradle, and then Drowned in hell’s lake When I go

My Only Friend – Massacra

Just when we think we have discovered, Heard and found out some Infamie which is already off limits, Again comes something New even more scaring Sometimes it’s like we

How Free Are You – Massacra

And believe in myself You’ll talk if there’s something to say, Have just respect in youself Take a walk through the peaceful land, Without nothing in mind Today someone

Closed Minded – Massacra

Filled with remorse, this time I know I hear you laughing, I will do my thing You live and learn, it serves me right Never say never, cause not

Sentenced For Life – Massacra

Let… Me… Out What Right Have You To Keep Me As A Hostage I’m Not Crazy What Right Had You To Sentence Me For Life I’m Not Guilty You

Excruciating Commands – Massacra

Feeling no remorse when bombs land on target You feel the satisfaction of a job well done Devoid of feeling You’re a war machine Devotion to duty, no sense

Baptized In Decadence – Massacra

The meaning of words comes from within The gift of life is death in the end Infinite enemies and forgotten friends Experiences is wisdom A law you cannot bend

Nearer To Death – Massacra

Everybody Catch Their Breath Suspense And Deathly Hush You’re Ready To Try Your Luck Don’t Go Beyond The Bounds Of Reason It’s A Matter Of Life And Death It’s

Revealing Cruelty – Massacra

You are seething with anger This war is driving you insane You feel an urge to slaughter Volunteer Young recruit You’re about To lose your nerves Shocked by the

Need For Greed – Massacra

Dreams are just ill advised, The peace of mind is over Of their stupidity, they’re making a success Planet insanity so treu we are the witness Hiding my own

War Of Attrition – Massacra

Iron, Leather, Around Warriors The Stae Of Siege’s Gonna Be Declare Spreading Panic, It’s A Nightmare Swords Gleam In The Sun We’ve Got No Place To Turn Murderous Knights,

Apocalyptic Warriors – Massacra

Only War Makes Them Live No One Knows Who They Are It’s Too Late Toknow It Death Warriors Without Fear Destroying All Around They Are Back, Back To Kill