Miserable At Best – Mayday Parade

you’re trying your hardest and the hardest part is letting go of the nights we shared Ocala is calling and you know it’s haunting but compared to your eyes

Your Song – Mayday Parade

Well that sounds like a good excuse for coming home and this Tallahassee skyline keeps singing out a song Just know it’s your song they’ve been singing. So stay

Take This To Heart – Mayday Parade

Trihone never seemed this long before Killing time just a little bit faster And I swear we’ll make it But I can’t tell you what I don’t know (Be

Three Cheers For Five Years – Mayday Parade

I thought we could wait for the fireworks I thought we could wait for the snow To wash over Georgia and kill the hurt I thought I could live

Jamie All Over – Mayday Parade

Drove out to see Las Vegas We lost ourselves in the bright lights I wish you could have seen us Begging for change to get home Or at least

Walk On Water Or Drown – Mayday Parade

You left the room so I could pray. So I pace the halls to see if I could find a hole in something. Or maybe places to escape. Oh,

Champagne’s For Celebrating (I’ll Have A Martini) – Mayday Parade

But all she wrote was, “Tonight I’m leaving on a train.” She says she’s headed west To make it right for one more night And, well, I don’t blame

One Man Drinking Games – Mayday Parade

Then I’d run over to your house and I’d scale the chainlink fence That borders your back yard and then I’d climb through your window And I’d whisper that

Jersey – Mayday Parade

i’ll have you know i’m scared to death that everything that you had said to me was just a lie until you left now i’m hoping just a little

Just Say You’re Not In To It – Mayday Parade

With a show of hearts on the floor, who has ever meant them more Well I’ll swallow my pride if you’ll stay for the years And watch me spin

Ocean And Atlantic – Mayday Parade

A thousand days to her that just don’t mean a thing Cause the city makes a perfect place to sleep And daddy’s coming home He said he brought her

You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground, I’ll Be The Wings That

That you and only you can give to me A voice crying loud I’ve been crying for days now And as I start to run, I stop to breathe

The Last Something That Meant Anything – Mayday Parade

about things I couldn’t say to you and things that we could never do and, This conversation has had no face when the words take days you can re-write

If You Wanted A Song Written About You, All You Had To Do Was Ask – Mayday

that i never should have taken in the first place and it’s cold in my apartment as i’m changing all the colors from the brightest reds to grays well

When I Get Home, You’re So Dead – Mayday Parade

Is it typical for us to end like this Am I just another scene From a movie that you’ve seen 100 times Cause baby you weren’t the first or

I’d Hate To Be You When People Find Out What This Song Is About – Mayday Parade

we’d stay there forever just try to get up and i’m sorry this wasn’t easy when i asked you, believe me and never let go well i’m thinking of

Black Cat – Mayday Parade

the hero sings in this scene the boy that gets the girl gets to go home where they get married but stop the tape, the sunset still looks fake