The Killer Anna – Medic Droid, The

should i try this once again? should i try this once again? and as we kiss i remember how it felt to fall in love when i was young

Into The Groove – Medic Droid, The

For inspiration Come on I’m waiting Get into the groove Boy you’ve got to prove Your love to me, yeah Get up on your feet, yeah Step to the

It’s About Love – Medic Droid, The

run deep through me I’ll stand all alone and wait for you down on your ways down on my ways girl we’re only letting ourselves down tonight when it

Saddle Up – Medic Droid, The

will leave you numb (x4) shes gotta pray for the life salvation we didnt know, just as she scared (X2) Its been preached from the beginning its hard sometimes

Tease – Medic Droid, The

get down baby get get down(X4) get down (x2) get down baby get get down(X4) YEAH break it down and over again (X4) YEAH all that you wanted. this

Fer Sure – Medic Droid, The

Fer sure eh fer sure bomb Pulled up at a stop light did drugs on the dashboard Look at the mess we made tonight Kick off your stilettos Kick

Keeping Up With The Joneses – Medic Droid, The

And when you come back down now girl.(2x) When you were a young girl did you wona be something more baby. But now you feel your so lost and

Fscene8 (Album Version) – Medic Droid, The

I’m laughing at this battle, watching boys and girls play games. I watch you as you slowly falter, and how you strive for any status at all! Well the