Performer MEGADETH

Wanderlust – Megadeth

As sure as the sun rises in the east Another gunman will come seeking my defeat Will he be as fast as me, are his nerves quiet and still

Breadline – Megadeth

Ain’t got no job Ain’t got no smoke Ain’t got a car His life’s a joke Living on the skids Thinks the world’s just fine Forgot what he did

Skin O’my Teeth – Megadeth

I had wrists donning slits Flowing constantly My broken body in a wreck Wrapped around a tree A crosswalk hit and run The finish line for me People clytter

Hook In Mouth – Megadeth

A cockroach in the concrete, courthouse tan and beady eyes A slouch with fallen arches, purging truths into great lies A little man with a big eraser, changing history

Mastermind – Megadeth

Destroy the logic volume in the confines of the mind Enmassed and purposeless, marching in a perfect line Neo-nuero torture, mental meltdown, a heinous crime Mastermind, I tell you

Ashes In Your Mouth – Megadeth

People have round shoulders from fairing heavy loads And the soldiers liberate them, laying mines along their roads Sorrow paid for valor is too much to recall Of the

Architecture Of Aggression – Megadeth

Born from the dark In the black cloack of night To envelop its prey below Deliver to the light To eliminate your enemy Hit them in their sleep And

The Doctor Is Calling – Megadeth

The doctor is calling Something’s gone wrong Nowhere do I belong I listen to the voices in the dark room Something’s going down But I can’t make a sound

Dread And The Fugitive Mind – Megadeth

Let me introduce myself I’m a social disease I’ve come for your wealth leave you on your knees No time for feeling sorry, I got here on my own

Seven – Megadeth

Full of greed you sell your soul Full of pride a heavy load You eat yourself gluttony Resent yourself you envy me Everything turns into wrath You lust yourself

Crush ‘Em – Megadeth

Enter the arena and hit the lights Step up now you’re in for a ride this is war, ain’t no fun and games we get it up, you go

Addicted To Chaos – Megadeth

Only yesterday they told me you were gone All these normal people will I find another one? Monkey on my back. Aching in my bones I forgot you said

I’ll Be There – Megadeth

I heard the voice of redemption For me there is no exemption I started praying I heard the voice of satisfaction Needing me for benefaction I started pleading I

Sweating Bullets – Megadeth

Hello me… Meet the real me And my misfits way of life A dark possessions Hindsight back it’s still a bit fuzzy Speak of mutually assured destruction Nice story…

I’ll Get Even – Megadeth

Washed up, left for dead I’m lost inside the desert Of every word you said Like a nuclear reactor Or TNT I’m thinking about the times When you lied

The World Needs A Hero – Megadeth

An Iron fist quietly sits inside the Velvet Glove Take control, untouchable just like God above I can’t escape, wrapped in red tape, what will become of me? If

Use The Man – Megadeth

There was no last goodbyes to say His will to live ran out I heard somebody turned to dust Looking back at what he left A list of plans

Take No Prisoners – Megadeth

Get it right, terminate them The Panzers will, permeate them Break their pride, denigrate them And their people, retrograde them Typhus, detriate them Epidemic, devastate them Take no prisoners,

Losing My Senses – Megadeth

One man speaking the truth No one likes when it fits So we tell soothing lies And betray our own lips The uncivilized world And its people decay Once

502 – Megadeth

Pull over, shithead, this is the cops Full tanks, pocket lined with cash Full throttle, gonna rip some ass Drive all day, and through the night Romance the road,